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Yantra Planetary Tuning Fork Culmination Cycle 187.61Hz Frequency with Gem Feet

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Introducing our remarkable Yantra Planetary Tuning Fork with Gem Feet, specifically designed to resonate at the frequency of 187.61Hz, corresponding to the Culmination Cycle. This meticulously crafted tuning fork not only emits powerful vibrations but also incorporates gemstone feet to harness the energetic properties of the gemstones, amplifying its healing potential.

The Culmination Cycle is a significant astronomical phenomenon that marks the culmination or peak of a celestial event. This cycle holds deep cosmic significance and is associated with moments of culmination, completion, and transformation.

Crafted with precision, our Yantra Planetary Tuning Fork produces a clear and sustained tone when activated. The gemstone feet, thoughtfully selected for their energetic properties, enhance the tuning fork's healing and balancing effects.

Key Features and Benefits:

Culmination Cycle Resonance: The 187.61Hz frequency of this tuning fork resonates with the Culmination Cycle, connecting you to the powerful cosmic energies associated with moments of peak energy and transformation. It offers an opportunity to align with the celestial rhythms and embrace the transformative power of the universe.

Energetic Balance: The gemstone feet of the tuning fork add an extra layer of energetic balance and enhancement. Each gemstone is carefully chosen for its unique properties, which can further support alignment, healing, and harmonization of the subtle energy centers within the body.

Meditation and Intention Setting: Incorporating the resonant tones of the Yantra Planetary Tuning Fork into your meditation or intention-setting practice can deepen your connection to the cosmic energies. It can assist in attuning your consciousness to moments of culmination, helping you align with your highest potential and embrace transformative experiences.

Sound Healing and Therapy: The vibrations produced by the tuning fork can be used as a valuable tool in sound healing sessions or therapies. By working with the Yantra Planetary Tuning Fork, you can facilitate relaxation, balance, and energetic alignment, supporting overall well-being and personal transformation.

Quality Craftsmanship: Our Yantra Planetary Tuning Fork is meticulously crafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring optimal performance and durability. The gemstone feet are securely attached, providing a visually stunning and energetically potent instrument.

Immerse yourself in the cosmic energies with our Yantra Planetary Tuning Fork, designed to resonate with the Culmination Cycle. Harness the transformative power of sound and gemstone energy, align with moments of peak energy and transformation, and embark on a profound journey of cosmic connection and personal growth.

Please note: The Yantra Planetary Tuning Fork with Gem Feet is a powerful instrument that should be used with care and respect. It is recommended to explore its vibrations under the guidance of an experienced practitioner or healer to maximize its benefits and ensure safe usage.