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Yantra Planetary Tuning Fork Chiron 172.86Hz Frequency with Gem Feet

Sale price$39.99

Introducing the Planetary Tuning Forks, meticulously hand-tuned to achieve near-perfect frequencies, and crafted from premium high-grade temperature-treated aluminum. These tuning forks offer exceptional quality and precision in their sound.

Each set of Planetary Tuning Forks comes with a Gem Feet, providing additional resonance and support (gem provided based on availability), along with a convenient storage bag and a striker for activating the forks.

The frequencies of the Sun, Moon, and various planets have been calculated using the renowned cosmic octave system developed by Hans Cousto. This ensures that the tuning forks accurately match the celestial frequencies, allowing for a harmonious and balanced sound healing experience.

One of the featured tuning forks in this set is the Chiron Planetary tuning fork, measuring 9.5" in length. With a frequency/pitch of 172.86 Hz (F3#), it has been meticulously crafted to deliver a near-perfect tone. The tuning fork is engraved with the logo and tuning information, and it features an ergonomically curved cork grip, which leaves the sound unaltered and ensures a comfortable and secure hold during use.

The Chiron tuning fork holds immense potential for meditation, yoga, and sound healing sessions. Its positive effects on the mind and body make it an ideal tool for creating a serene and immersive meditative experience. When activated by striking the tuning fork with the palm of your hand, its vibrations can be felt deeply, creating a soothing and transformative effect.

To fully experience the calming benefits of the Chiron tuning fork, place the metal end located below the grip directly on your body. This direct contact allows the vibrations to resonate within you, fostering a sense of relaxation and balance.

Additionally, the Chiron tuning fork can create an audible pitch by vibrating back-and-forth approximately 128 times per second when the bottom tip is placed on a resonating surface. Whether it's a tabletop or a drum head, the tuning fork will produce an audible tone that adds depth and dimension to your sound healing practices.

Immerse yourself in the harmonious frequencies of the Planetary Tuning Forks. Experience their transformative power, whether in meditation, yoga, or sound healing, and allow their precise vibrations to bring balance and harmony to your body, mind, and spirit.