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Yantra Chromatic Radionic Crystal Light Color Healing Torch for Chakra Balance and Alignment with 8 Color Chakra Heads and a Secured Case

Sale price$325.00

The 3 mode Crystal Color Light Therapy is a healing modality that combines the powerful healing powers of Crystals and Color Therapy to help facilitate physical, emotional, mental, spiritual healing and well-being

It includes 2 crystal lights and 8 natural crystal head with batteries in a metal case.

Case measures approx. 8.5" x 5 x 2.25" and weighs approximately 1.5 Pounds

The crystal head can be changed to different colors as per the 8 set picture.

Easy and safe to handle. It does not transmit heat.

Unlock the power of color healing with our Yantra Chromatic Radionic Crystal Light Color Healing Torch. This innovative tool is designed to promote chakra balance and alignment, facilitating a harmonious flow of energy within your being.

The healing torch features 8 color chakra heads, each representing a specific energy center in the body. By shining the light onto the corresponding chakra points, you can stimulate and restore balance to these vital energy centers.

Crafted with precision and care, the crystal light heads emit a radiant and pure spectrum of colors, harnessing the vibrational properties of each hue. The colors correspond to the traditional chakra system, enabling you to target specific areas in need of healing and rebalancing.

The Yantra Chromatic Radionic Crystal Light Color Healing Torch comes with a secured case to ensure safe and convenient storage. This protective case keeps the torch and the chakra heads organized and shielded from dust, moisture, and accidental damage, allowing you to carry it with ease wherever your healing journey takes you.

Whether you are a healing practitioner, energy worker, or simply someone seeking to enhance your well-being, this color healing torch is a valuable tool. By incorporating the healing properties of light and color into your practice, you can support the harmonization of your chakras, release blockages, and restore the natural flow of energy throughout your body.

The Yantra Chromatic Radionic Crystal Light Color Healing Torch offers a unique and effective approach to chakra balancing and alignment. Embrace the transformative power of color therapy and experience the profound effects of harmonizing your energy centers. Illuminate your path to holistic well-being with this remarkable healing torch and its array of vibrant chakra heads.