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Weighted Low Mid and Unweighted High OM OHM Set of 4 Tuning Forks

Sale price$115.00

Introducing the Weighted Low Mid and Unweighted High OM OHM Set of 4 Tuning Forks with Mallet and Pouch. This remarkable set includes tuning forks specifically designed to produce the cosmic OM vibration, known for its profound effects on relaxation, balance, and soothing qualities.

The Cosmic OM Tuner holds a special resonance with the universal energies and is widely used for meditation, journeying, energy work sessions, or simply attuning oneself to the cosmic vibrations. Its tranquil and sedative tones create a serene atmosphere, allowing for deep relaxation and inner harmony. Ancient Indian meditators intuitively discovered this tone as they opened up to the vastness of the cosmos. The sitar and tambura music are also tuned to this keynote. Known as "sadja" or the "father of the others," it represents the everlasting, never-ceasing tone that resonates with the frequency of the soul.

The Cosmic OM Tuner produces a specific frequency of Blue-Green C# 136.10 Hz. It is important to note that this fork is not based on a traditional musical scale but rather calculated based on the rotation of the planets around the Sun. It represents the Earth Year and resonates with the rhythm of the changing seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. This frequency corresponds to the time it takes for the Earth to complete one rotation around the sun, precisely 365 days or one year. The vibration of this tuning fork is carried throughout the body by two meridians—the Ren (Central or Conception Vessel) and the Du (the Governing Vessel). Stimulating specific points along these meridians promotes deep relaxation, sedation, and gentle opening of the heart chakra.

The Weighted Low OM Tuning Fork holds a special place in this set. Its weighted design allows for enhanced resonance and grounding when applied to the body, particularly on specific areas. This tuning fork is particularly beneficial in promoting a sense of relaxation, balance, and overall well-being.

With the Weighted Low Mid and Unweighted High OM OHM Set of 4 Tuning Forks, you will receive a mallet and a pouch for safe storage and transportation. Whether you are a sound healer, energy worker, or simply seeking to incorporate the harmonizing vibrations of OM into your personal practice, this set is a valuable tool for aligning your body, mind, and spirit.

Experience the profound effects of the OM vibration with the Weighted Low Mid and Unweighted High OM OHM Set of 4 Tuning Forks. Embrace relaxation, balance, and inner harmony as you journey towards holistic well-being and spiritual growth.