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Vintage Abstract Sculpture Shona Green Verdite Stone Carving Dual Face Zimbabwe Africa Artisan Made

Sale price$300.00

Introducing "Harmony in Stone: 12" Abstract African Shona Green Verdite Stone Carving"

Experience the mesmerizing beauty and cultural richness of this exquisite Abstract African Shona Green Verdite Stone Carving. Crafted with exceptional skill and artistry, this sculpture stands at an impressive 12 inches in height and carries a weighty presence of approximately 15 pounds, showcasing the remarkable quality and craftsmanship of the piece.

Meticulously carved from the finest green verdite stone, this sculpture emanates a sense of natural elegance and tranquility. The verdite stone, prized for its vibrant green hue and unique patterns, holds deep significance in African art and culture. It is known to symbolize growth, harmony, and the connection between nature and humanity.

The abstract design of this sculpture invites contemplation and interpretation, as it embodies the essence of African artistic expression. Each curve, line, and contour has been intricately carved, showcasing the artist's ability to breathe life into the stone. The smooth and polished surface further accentuates the natural beauty of the verdite stone, highlighting its captivating colors and intricate details.

With its weight of 15 pounds, this sculpture possesses a substantial feel, making it a striking centerpiece or focal point for any room. Whether displayed on a mantel, shelf, or pedestal, it will captivate viewers with its unique charm and timeless appeal.

This Abstract African Shona Green Verdite Stone Carving is not just a work of art, but a cultural treasure that tells a story of Africa's rich heritage and artistic traditions. It serves as a testament to the skilled artisans who have honed their craft over generations, creating timeless pieces that transcend time and geography.

Embrace the beauty and depth of African art with this remarkable sculpture. Let its presence evoke a sense of harmony, connection, and appreciation for the natural world. Whether you are a collector, art enthusiast, or someone seeking a statement piece for your space, this sculpture is a true gem that will enhance the ambiance of any setting.

Own a piece of African cultural heritage and bring the spirit of "Harmony in Stone" into your home. Order your Abstract African Shona Green Verdite Stone Carving today and celebrate the beauty of African artistry and the timeless allure of natural stone.

Dimensions : 12" x 10" x 5"