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Tuning Fork Otto Set of 3 Professional Tuner 32Hz 64Hz 128 Hz W/Mallet & Bag

Sale price$138.99

Introducing the Tuning Fork Otto Set of 3 Professional Tuner, featuring tuning forks at frequencies of 32Hz, 64Hz, and 128Hz. This set is designed for professional use and offers a versatile and effective tool for sound therapy, healing practices, and musical applications.

Each tuning fork is precision-tuned to a specific frequency, providing a clear and resonant sound. The set includes three tuning forks with frequencies of 32Hz, 64Hz, and 128Hz, allowing you to work with different tones and vibrations according to your specific needs.

Included with the set is a mallet, which can be used to strike the tuning forks, producing pure and sustained tones. The mallet enables you to control the intensity and duration of the sound, creating a customized and therapeutic experience.

To keep your tuning forks organized and protected, a luxurious velvet bag is provided. The bag offers a convenient storage solution, allowing you to safely transport your tuning forks and keep them in optimal condition for your healing or musical sessions.

Key features of the Tuning Fork Otto Set of 3 Professional Tuner:

Versatile Applications: This set is suitable for a wide range of applications, including sound therapy, energy healing, musical training, and meditation. The different frequencies allow you to explore various techniques and create harmonious experiences.

Clear and Resonant Sound: Each tuning fork in the set is carefully crafted to produce a clear and resonant sound, ensuring accurate and reliable performance. The vibrations produced by the forks create a rich and immersive sonic experience.

Customizable and Therapeutic: The mallet allows you to control the intensity and duration of the sound produced by the tuning forks. This enables you to customize your experience according to your preferences and specific therapeutic needs.

Portable and Protective: The included velvet bag offers a secure and portable storage solution for your tuning forks. It allows for easy transportation, ensuring that you can have your tuning forks readily available wherever you go.

Professional-Grade Quality: The Tuning Fork Otto Set is designed for professional use, providing high-quality tuning forks that meet the standards of sound therapists, healers, and musicians. The set is built to deliver consistent and reliable performance.

Embrace the transformative power of sound with the Tuning Fork Otto Set of 3 Professional Tuner. Explore the therapeutic benefits of different frequencies, create harmonious experiences, and delve into the world of sound healing and musical exploration. Whether for personal use or professional practice, this set offers a versatile and reliable tool for your sonic journey.