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Transform Your Healing Practice with Amethyst Gemstone Infused Crystal Singing Bowl with Striker and O-Ring - Available in Multiple Sizes

Sale price$255.00
Style: 8" Without Case

Discover the harmonious blend of beauty and sound with our Amethyst Gemstone Infused Crystal Singing Bowl. Each bowl is meticulously crafted to combine the soothing vibrations of crystal with the healing properties of amethyst, making it an essential tool for meditation, chakra balancing, and spiritual practices.

Product Details:

High-Quality Material: Made from premium crystal infused with genuine amethyst gemstones.
Complete Set: Includes a striker and an O-ring for optimal sound and stability.
Available Sizes: Choose from a variety of sizes to perfectly suit your needs and preferences.
Healing Properties: Amethyst is known for its calming and spiritual qualities, enhancing your sound healing sessions.
Why Choose Our Singing Bowl?

Exceptional Sound Quality: Produces clear, resonant tones that aid in deep relaxation and meditation.
Versatile Use: Ideal for personal meditation, professional sound therapy, and spiritual practices.
Beautiful Design: A stunning addition to your sacred space or healing practice.
If you have a specific note in mind, please let us know beforehand. We are happy to customize your singing bowl to ensure it meets your unique preferences and healing needs.

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