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Solfeggio Gem Fused Crystal Singing Bowls - 741Hz, 852Hz, and 963Hz with Padded Secure Case, Strikers, and O-ring - Limited Edition

Sale price$950.00

Customers can also give us options to design and get the gem fused bowls custom made to Lapis Lazuli, Citrine, Emerald, Morganite, Obsidian, Tea Topaz, Rose Quartz, and Sapphire.

Immerse yourself in the harmonious world of sound healing with our limited edition Solfeggio Gem Fused Crystal Singing Bowls, meticulously tuned to the powerful frequencies of 741Hz, 852Hz, and 963Hz. This exquisite set includes a padded secure case, strikers, and an O-ring, ensuring that your bowls are protected and ready for your sound healing sessions.

Crafting these unique frequencies was a labor of love, taking us almost two years of research and development to perfect. The result is a set of bowls that are not only special but also incredibly unique, offering unparalleled quality and resonance. Each bowl is fused with precious gems, enhancing their beauty and therapeutic properties.

The Solfeggio frequencies are renowned for their profound healing effects. The 741Hz frequency is known for its ability to cleanse cells, detoxify the body, and promote problem-solving and self-expression. The 852Hz frequency aids in awakening intuition and enhancing inner strength, aligning you with higher spiritual order. The 963Hz frequency is the frequency of divine connection and spiritual enlightenment, bringing a sense of unity and oneness.

These frequencies, when combined, create a powerful tool for sound healing and sound baths, facilitating deep relaxation, healing, and transformation. This set is a perfect addition to your sound healing sessions, helping you and your clients achieve higher states of consciousness and well-being.

Note: Although the picture shows Obsidian, Morganite, and Lapis Lazuli bowls, we will provide the set as per the availability of raw materials of the gems. We will try our best to provide the same, but substitutions may be necessary based on availability.

Each bowl in this limited edition set is a masterpiece, reflecting the intricate craftsmanship and the powerful energy of the fused gems. Add these exceptional Solfeggio Gem Fused Crystal Singing Bowls to your collection and experience the profound benefits they bring to your sound healing practice.

Celebrate the harmony of tradition and innovation with this unique set, and let the healing frequencies transform your practice and your life.