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Solfeggio Crystal Singing Bowl Set in 174Hz 285hz 396Hz 639Hz 417Hz and 528Hz with Padded Secure Cases and Strikers

Sale price$185.00
Style: 8 Inch 528Hz

Introducing our Solfeggio Set of 6 Crystal Singing Bowl Set, carefully crafted to bring you a transformative sound healing experience. Each bowl in this set is attuned to a specific frequency from the Solfeggio scale, known for its profound healing properties. Let's explore the benefits of each frequency and learn how to incorporate them into your practice.

174Hz: This frequency is associated with releasing pain and tension, both physical and emotional. It helps promote a sense of grounding and deep relaxation, allowing for the release of stagnant energy and promoting overall well-being.

285Hz: This frequency is believed to enhance healing and regeneration on a cellular level. It is said to activate the body's natural healing abilities and assist in repairing damaged tissues. It can also help with soothing and relieving stress and anxiety.

396Hz: This frequency is known as the frequency of liberation and is associated with releasing fear and guilt. It helps to dissolve negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs, promoting a sense of inner peace and freedom.

639Hz: This frequency is often referred to as the frequency of connection and harmonious relationships. It is believed to enhance communication, promote understanding, and foster deep connections with oneself and others.

417Hz: This frequency is associated with positive transformation and change. It can help to remove negative influences and facilitate the process of letting go and releasing old patterns or habits.

528Hz: Known as the frequency of love and miracles, this frequency is believed to promote healing, balance, and harmony. It can help restore a sense of well-being and activate higher levels of consciousness.

The Solfeggio Crystal Singing Bowl Set includes 6 bowls, each attuned to a specific frequency, and 2 padded secure cases for easy transportation and storage. The 14-inch case is designed to accommodate the following bowls and frequencies: 14” (174Hz), 12" (285Hz), 10'' (396Hz), and 8‘’ (639Hz). The 10-inch case is used for the 10'' (417Hz), 8‘’ (528Hz) bowls

When using the Solfeggio Set of 7 Crystal Singing Bowls, find a quiet and comfortable space for your practice. Place each bowl on a secure surface and gently strike the bowl's rim with the included striker to initiate its vibrations. Allow the sound and vibrations to wash over you, focusing your attention on the specific frequency and its associated benefits.

As you immerse yourself in the healing vibrations, take deep breaths, and visualize the frequencies permeating every cell of your body, bringing harmony and balance to your energy centers. You can also incorporate affirmations or intentions aligned with each frequency to enhance your healing experience.

Experience the transformative power of the Solfeggio frequencies with our comprehensive set of crystal singing bowls. Embrace the healing journey and unlock your highest potential.

To get started on your sound healing journey, order our Solfeggio Set of 6 Crystal Singing Bowl Set today and embark on a profound experience of healing, balance, and transformation.

Note: The product images are for representation only. Each bowl is unique, and slight variations may occur due to the nature of the crafting process.

Please note that depending on availability, we will include a mallet with your purchase.