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Solar Harmonic Spectrum 8 Set Tuning Forks with Striker Velvet Bag Color Balls

Sale price$155.00

Introducing the Planetary Cosmic Solar Astrology 11 Healing Unweighted Tuning Forks with Striker and Pouch. This extraordinary set consists of 11 precision-tuned tuning forks that are specifically calibrated to the frequencies of various celestial bodies in our solar system. Immerse yourself in the harmonious vibrations and energetic qualities of the Sun, Moon, Earth, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto.

Each tuning fork in this set is meticulously designed to resonate with the unique essence and characteristics of its corresponding planet. By working with these tuning forks, you can tap into the transformative power and cosmic energies associated with each celestial body. Let the planets guide and influence your healing journey:

Sun (transcendence): Experience enhanced strength, motivation, self-identity, and radiance. This frequency promotes enthusiasm, assertiveness, and determination, empowering you to embrace your inner potential.

Moon (sexual energy): Embrace emotional tranquility, intuition, and a deeper connection to your feminine energy. The Moon tuning fork enhances sensitivity, enhances feelings, and fosters flexibility in your approach to life.

Earth (relaxation & meditation): Ground yourself and find solace in the deep security and safety offered by the Earth's energy. This frequency is associated with relaxation, meditation, and a profound sense of being centered and balanced.

Mars (creativity, will power, masculine): Ignite your creative spark, harness willpower, and tap into your masculine energy. The Mars tuning fork empowers you to make decisions, assert yourself, and cultivate courage and passion.

Venus (love, harmony, feminine): Open your heart to love, cultivate harmonious relationships, and embrace your feminine essence. The Venus frequency enhances your ability to give and receive love, stimulates creativity, and fosters self-appreciation.

Jupiter (art & creation): Expand your horizons, invite good fortune, and connect with the spirit of joy and laughter. The Jupiter tuning fork encourages openness, optimism, and an adventurous spirit, inspiring artistic expression and creative endeavors.

Neptune (intuition & dreams): Dive into the realm of intuition, dreams, and the mystical. The Neptune frequency enhances your connection to the subconscious, fosters intuitive abilities, and invites insights from the dream world.

Mercury (communication & voice): Sharpen your communication skills, improve cooperation, and express yourself confidently. The Mercury tuning fork enhances your ability to articulate ideas, strengthens your voice, and promotes effective communication.

Saturn (concentration & awareness): Cultivate concentration, discipline, and awareness of boundaries. The Saturn frequency supports focus, self-discipline, and inner stability, allowing you to establish a solid foundation.

Uranus (spontaneity & openness): Embrace spontaneity, innovation, and the spirit of individuality. The Uranus tuning fork encourages openness to change, freedom of expression, and the exploration of new possibilities.

Pluto (group & interpersonal integration): Experience transformation and integration within groups and interpersonal relationships. The Pluto frequency facilitates deep changes, empowers personal growth, and supports the release of old patterns.

Each tuning fork is thoughtfully crafted with precision and is accompanied by a striker and a pouch for safekeeping. Whether you are a healing practitioner, energy worker, or simply seeking to explore the harmonizing energies of the planets, the Planetary Cosmic Solar Astrology 11 Healing Unweighted Tuning Forks offer a remarkable tool for your spiritual and healing journey. Immerse yourself in the cosmic frequencies and embrace the transformative power they hold.