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Shekinah & Genesis Fork Set for Healing Meditation DNA Repair with Gem Feet,Striker and Bag

Sale price$73.49

Product Description :

This set consists of 1 piece Shekinah tuning fork and 1 Genesis Tuning Fork The Shekinah fork is used for physical healing and can be used with the Genesis fork to work in tandem with cancer cells.
They also help with stress reduction. Benefits of the Genesis Fork: It helps to repair damaged portions of DNA when used with Gabriel fork. It destroy cancer cells when used with Shekinah fork. Helps in alignment of bones and joints. It helps in repair and rebuilding muscles and tissues.
Benefits of the Shekinah Fork: Shekinah has been called the vessel of creation. Just As Metatron is called the Alpha the Shekinah is called the Omega that brings into manifestation the thought of God. Her power to heal runs more than just the world being healed but also humans and everything that lives.
She is the expression of God’s love and light. It is said that it is the Shekinah that makes it possible for healing to take place by bringing the spirit to the physical.

Please Note : The Gem foot will be sent as per availability and not necessarily as pictured