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Rustic Traditional Elegance Handcrafted Set of 3 Lucky Cow Bells for Country Living Farmhouse Charm Decor Country Living Nostalgia

Sale price$65.00

Enhance the rustic charm of your living space with this delightful Handmade Set of 3 Rustic Lucky Cow Bells On Rope. Crafted with care and attention to detail, these rustic cowbells evoke a sense of farmhouse nostalgia and bring a touch of traditional country living to your home.

Each set includes three cowbells of varying sizes, measuring approximately 4 inches, 6.5 inches, and 10 inches in height. The different sizes add visual interest and create a harmonious arrangement when hung together on the included rope.

Made from high-quality metal, these cowbells feature an appealing weathered finish that adds to their appeal. The rustic patina and charming dents and scratches tell stories of their past, infusing each bell with character and history.

The set of cowbells comes with a durable rope for easy hanging. You can effortlessly suspend them from a wall hook, a beam, or even a tree branch, allowing them to gently chime and create a soothing melody that evokes the spirit of the countryside.

These cowbells not only serve as a delightful decorative accent but also carry traditional symbolism. In many cultures, cowbells are believed to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits, making them a perfect addition to your home or garden.

Bring the rustic allure of the countryside into your space with this Handmade Set of 3 Rustic Lucky Cow Bells On Rope. Embrace the nostalgic ambiance and add a touch of traditional charm to your farmhouse, cottage, or rustic-themed decor.


Small Bell Size: Approximately 4 inches (height)

Medium Bell Size: Approximately 6.5 inches (height)

Large Bell Size: Approximately 10 inches (height)

Capture the essence of traditional country living with this charming set of handmade cowbells. Hang them with pride and let the gentle sound of their chimes fill your home with warmth and good fortune.