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Professionally Tuned 9 Set Solfeggio Tuning Fork Set

Sale price$160.00
Style: Only Tuning Forks

Enhance your essential oil experience with our versatile options for application.

Choose between our Gemstone Modifiers or Handle Extensions to customize your oil usage to suit your preferences and needs.


❤️ UT 396 Hz:

This frequency is often linked to liberating guilt and fear, supporting the process of releasing negative emotions and energetic blockages.
RE 417 Hz: Known for facilitating positive transformation and undoing situations and experiences that are challenging or stuck.

❤️ MI 528 Hz:

Considered the "miracle" frequency, this tone is associated with DNA repair, transformation, and awakening one's inner potential.

❤️ FA 639 Hz:

This frequency is often attributed to enhancing relationships, promoting harmonious connections, and encouraging forgiveness and compassion.

❤️ SOL 741 Hz:

Associated with the power of self-expression, intuitive insights, and heightened states of consciousness.

❤️ LA 852 Hz:

This tone is connected to spiritual enlightenment, expanding awareness, and reconnecting with one's higher self.

❤️ SKY (AH) 174 Hz:

Linked to promoting a sense of safety, security, and a deep connection to the divine or higher realms.

❤️ LAND (OM) 285 Hz:

Often associated with grounding, stability, and a profound sense of being rooted in the present moment.

❤️ XI 963 Hz:

Considered a frequency of spiritual awakening, expanded consciousness, and accessing higher realms of perception.

Used For:

Weighted tuning forks
Sound healing tools
Chakra balancing
Solfeggio frequencies
Gold color aluminum forks
Complete tuning fork set
Healing vibrations
Meditation accessories
Spiritual tools
Natural healing
Vibrational therapy
Energy healing
Harmonic resonance
Alternative medicine
Wellness tools
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Yoga props
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Solfeggio frequencies
Chakra activation
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Aura cleansing
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Energy flow
Self-care tools
Metaphysical instruments
Mindfulness aids
Sacred sound healing
Inner balance
Energetic resonance