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Professionally Tuned 9 Set Solfeggio Frequencies Weighted Color Tuning Fork Set For Vibration Biofield with Striker and Bag

Sale price$175.00
Style: With Green Activator

Welcome to our collection of Weighted Color Solfeggio Tuning Forks, the perfect tool for enhancing your sound healing practice and promoting greater balance and harmony in your life. Our set of nine tuning forks is specially designed to help you attune to the frequencies of the Solfeggio scale, providing a powerful tool for energy healing, meditation, and more.
This set includes all 9 Solfeggio frequencies, each carefully designed to produce a unique and powerful vibration that promotes healing and balance throughout the body and mind.

Made from high-quality aluminum and finished with a stunning colors, these forks are not only beautiful but also incredibly effective. The added weight helps to produce a stronger and more sustained vibration, making these forks perfect for sound healing and meditation practices.

While the classic 6 tone model aligns 528 Hz with the syllable MI, we believe in the powerful connection between 528 Hz and the Heart Chakra. In this set, each Solfege syllable has been carefully rebalanced and calibrated with respect to the Heart Chakra, infusing each vibration with the transformative power of love and profound processing. This unique approach brings a shift in energy and intention to your sound healing practice, enhancing the overall impact and resonance of each tuning fork.

Solfeggio, derived from the word Solfege, holds ancient wisdom and association with various benefits for those who have chanted and sung these sacred syllables. Across different cultures, variations of these ancient musical syllables have been linked to personal growth and spiritual development. These syllables, known as the seed sounds of the Chakras, hold a profound significance in sound therapy and energy work.

Chanting and singing these seed sounds involves precise posture, breath control, and coordinated movement of the entire body. By engaging the diaphragm, pulling the shoulders back, and tucking the chin, you can achieve accurate annunciation of the seed sound or musical syllable. This dynamic practice of chanting and singing serves as an exemplary form of sound healing, creating a flow of vital energy that permeates muscle groups, the nervous system, organs, cells, and the associated chakras throughout the body. It is an activity of love, often employed as a form of affirmation and prayer.

In addition to chanting and singing, mantra practice holds immense power in regulating bodily functions and creating an optimal environment for healing. Through the combination of breath and vibration, mantra practice generates momentum and energy within the body, known as Prana or Chi. Simple breathing techniques, when repeated audibly or mentally, can profoundly center the practitioner and facilitate a meditative state. Daily practice is key to maximizing the transformative potential of mantra work, offering benefits for both practitioners and recipients alike.

The Solfeggio Tones are a set of frequencies that have been historically associated with healing, transformation, and spiritual growth. This 9 Set Solfeggio Frequencies Weighted Color Tuning Fork Set includes the following tones:


UT 396 Hz: This frequency is often linked to liberating guilt and fear, supporting the process of releasing negative emotions and energetic blockages.
RE 417 Hz: Known for facilitating positive transformation and undoing situations and experiences that are challenging or stuck.
MI 528 Hz: Considered the "miracle" frequency, this tone is associated with DNA repair, transformation, and awakening one's inner potential.
FA 639 Hz: This frequency is often attributed to enhancing relationships, promoting harmonious connections, and encouraging forgiveness and compassion.
SOL 741 Hz: Associated with the power of self-expression, intuitive insights, and heightened states of consciousness.
LA 852 Hz: This tone is connected to spiritual enlightenment, expanding awareness, and reconnecting with one's higher self.

SKY (AH) 174 Hz: Linked to promoting a sense of safety, security, and a deep connection to the divine or higher realms.
LAND (OM) 285 Hz: Often associated with grounding, stability, and a profound sense of being rooted in the present moment.
XI 963 Hz: Considered a frequency of spiritual awakening, expanded consciousness, and accessing higher realms of perception.

Each of these frequencies is designed to target a specific area of the body or mind, promoting healing, balance, and well-being. When used together as a complete set, they can help to promote overall health and wellness, reduce stress and tension, and enhance spiritual connection and awareness.

In addition to their powerful healing properties, our gold color aluminum forks are also incredibly durable and easy to use. Each fork comes with a striker and a velvet pouch for safe and convenient storage, making them the perfect addition to any sound healing or meditation practice.

If you're in search of a high-quality set of tuning forks for sound healing and chakra balancing, look no further than our Complete Set of 9 Weighted Color Solfeggio Tuning Forks. With their stunning gold color, powerful vibration, and unique healing properties, these forks are sure to become an essential tool in your wellness routine. Order yours today and experience the transformative power of sound healing for yourself.

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