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Premium Earth Star and Soul Purpose Crystal Singing Bowl Set with Padded Case Mallet - Complete your Full Chakra Set

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The Soul Star comes in 8C also known as the High C, sings above the 8 B note thus bringing completion to the musical scale from Do – Re – Mi – Fa – So – La – Ti to Do. The 8th note opens up to a more harmonic and melodic sequence. During chakra meditations, the 8th bowl allows you to work with Soul star, or 8th chakra, located above the crown of the head.

The 9th bowl Earth Heaven Star is a 14 inch F to the set and is also known as a Low F which plays below the 14” C note. Also known as a 3rd octave F, it allows you to work with the Earth Star chakra, located below the root chakra. Together the Earth and Soul Star chakra create a very special connection between the upper and lower "poles" of our energy field and not unlike the North and South poles of the Earth’s magnetic field. It enriches the harmonies available in the set thus producing a perfect 5th harmony below the 14” C further encompassing to anchor us in this embodiment for us to allow for greater ‘self-realization,’ that not only incorporates an understanding of Who we are (relating to the Soul Star,) but also our "purpose" of “Why are we here?”