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Premium Earth Star and Soul Purpose Crystal Singing Bowl Set - Complete Chakra Collection with Padded Case and Mallet

Sale price$499.00
Size: 432 Hz

The Soul Star bowl in our collection resonates in the key of 8C, also known as the High C. Its unique position above the 8 B note brings a sense of completion to the musical scale, spanning from Do to Do. The Soul Star bowl opens up a new realm of harmonies and melodies, adding a beautiful and enchanting sequence to your musical experience.

During chakra meditations, the 8th bowl becomes a powerful tool to work with the Soul Star, also known as the 8th chakra. This chakra is located above the crown of the head and holds immense spiritual significance. By incorporating the Soul Star bowl into your practice, you can explore and connect with this higher energy center, deepening your spiritual journey and alignment.

On the other hand, the 9th bowl in our set, the Earth Heaven Star, plays in the key of 14 inch F, also known as a Low F. It resonates below the 14" C note, creating a grounding and earthy vibration. This bowl is often referred to as a 3rd octave F and allows you to engage with the Earth Star chakra, which is situated below the root chakra. The Earth Star chakra plays a vital role in connecting the upper and lower "poles" of our energy field, much like the North and South poles of the Earth's magnetic field. By incorporating the Earth Heaven Star bowl into your practice, you can establish a special connection that enriches the harmonies within the set, ultimately creating a perfect 5th harmony below the 14" C. This harmonic alignment supports us in anchoring ourselves in our physical embodiment and facilitates greater self-realization.

The combination of the Earth Star and Soul Star chakras, represented by the 9th and 8th bowls respectively, brings about a unique and profound connection between the higher and lower aspects of our energetic being. This connection not only enhances the harmonies within the set but also serves as a catalyst for personal growth and understanding. It enables us to explore and embrace our true selves, encompassing both the understanding of who we are (related to the Soul Star) and our purpose in this existence (related to the Earth Star). By working with these bowls, we invite a greater sense of self-realization and embark on a transformative journey of discovering our true essence and life's purpose.

Comes in a secured Padded Case with 2 Strikers and Silk O-rings

Please note : Silk O-rings are not available for Overseas buyers

Immerse yourself in the harmonious vibrations of these enchanting crystal singing bowls and embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this set features two captivating crystal singing bowls, each with its own distinctive energy and purpose. The Earth Star bowl resonates with grounding and stability, while the Soul Purpose bowl channels profound spiritual connection and alignment. Together, they create a harmonious symphony that elevates your meditation and sound healing practices to new heights.

The resonant tones produced by these crystal singing bowls are not only mesmerizing but also possess powerful healing properties. As you play them, their vibrations gently ripple through your body, releasing stagnant energy and promoting a sense of balance and well-being. Allow yourself to be transported to a state of deep relaxation and inner peace as you explore the transformative potential of sound therapy.

This set comes complete with a padded case and mallet, ensuring the utmost protection and convenience for your precious crystal singing bowls. Whether you are a seasoned sound healer, a meditation enthusiast, or simply seeking a unique and uplifting addition to your sacred space, these bowls are the perfect companion on your spiritual journey.

Additionally, for those seeking to expand their collection, we offer a special opportunity. If you already have a set of seven Chakra bowls, our Premium Earth Star and Soul Purpose bowls can seamlessly integrate into your existing collection, completing it into a divine nine-set ensemble. Unlock the full spectrum of healing frequencies and delve deeper into the realms of sonic exploration with this divine combination.

Embrace the transformative power of crystal singing bowls and experience the blissful synergy of the Premium Earth Star and Soul Purpose Crystal Singing Bowl Set. Elevate your spiritual practice, cultivate inner harmony, and embark on a profound journey of self-discovery. Order your set today and let the healing vibrations resonate through your soul.

Please note that depending on availability, we will include a mallet with your purchase.