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Platinum 6" F# Chakra Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl - High Heart & Sacral Alignment with Utah Hot Springs and Ocean Gold Energies

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Introducing our Platinum 6" F# Chakra Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl, a truly unique and powerful tool for your spiritual journey. This exquisite bowl resonates with the energies of the High Heart and Sacral Chakras, aligning your heart and womb space for profound personal evolution.

🌿 Endocrine Point: Thymus Gland
🌟 Soul Path Number: 1

✨ Key Themes: Mother’s Womb, Womb & Heart Connection, Divine Feminine, Dolphin Energies, Sacred Waters

Immerse yourself in the transformative energies of this extraordinary bowl, which draws inspiration from the natural wonders of Utah's Hot Springs and the serene embrace of the ocean's gold-infused waters.


This Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl resonates with a warmth that feels like a gentle, nurturing embrace—much like the safety and comfort of a mother's womb. Its harmonious vibrations allow you to absorb the ancient healing properties of the Monroe Hot Springs through the power of sound.

As you play this bowl, you will find yourself supported in raising your awareness to new heights. It encourages you to embrace your own divinity in every moment, helping you navigate through life with unparalleled grace and clarity.

Embrace the path of service to others, for this is where you will discover true happiness and contentment. By aligning your heart and womb energies, this bowl invites you to live a life dedicated to making a positive impact on the world, allowing your unique gifts to shine brightly.

Unlock your keys to personal evolution and let the energies of the Platinum 6" F# Chakra Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl guide you on your journey towards greater self-awareness and a life filled with purpose and joy. Embrace the magic of this bowl and watch as it transforms your connection with the sacred waters within you.