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Planetary Tuning Fork Metonic Cycle 229.22Hz Frequency For Meditation Sound Healing Therapy Yoga WITH Gem Feet Bag and Striker

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Planetary Tuning Forks are hand tuned for near perfect frequency and are made from Premium High Grade Temperature treated Aluminum.

Comes with a Gem Feet ( provided as per availability ) , a storage bag and a Striker

We use the calculations of Hans Cousto (the cosmic octave) to match frequencies of The Sun, moon and planets.

The Metonic cycle Planetary tuning fork has a frequency/pitch of 229.22 Hz / A3# and measures 8.9" long with engraved logo and tuning information — features an ergonomically curved cork grip that leaves the sound unaltered.

For meditation and yoga — this tuning fork is great for any sound healing, meditation or yoga session due to its positive effect it has on the mind and body. Its sound can easily be felt through vibrations that create an immersive meditative experience.

How to feel the sound — striking the tuning fork with the palm of your hand will activate the vibrations it produces and the best way to experience its calming effect is by placing the metal end located below the grip directly on your body.

Create an audible pitch — vibrating back-and-forth about 128 times per second upon activation, this tuning fork produces an audible pitch when you place the bottom tip on a resonating surface. The surface can be anything from a table top to a drum head