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Planetary Cosmic Solar Astrology 11 Healing Unweighted Tuning Forks

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Introducing the Planetary Cosmic Solar Astrology 11 Healing Unweighted Tuning Forks with Striker and Pouch. This precision set of 11 tuning forks is meticulously calibrated to the tones of celestial bodies in our solar system, including the Sun, Moon, Earth, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto. These tuning forks were carefully calculated by Hans Cousto, a Swiss mathematician, using an octave based on the time it takes for planets to revolve around the Sun. As a result, they are specifically tuned to cosmological and astronomical timing.

Each tuning fork in this set represents a different planet and carries its unique energetic qualities. Let the planets work for you as you explore the transformative power of their frequencies:


❤️ Sun (transcendence):

Enhances a sense of strength, motivation, self-identity, vitality, and radiance. It promotes enthusiasm, assertiveness, and determination.

❤️ Moon (sexual energy):

Promotes emotional tranquility, softness, intuition, and enhances feelings and the feminine aspect. It fosters a flowing flexibility in life.

❤️ Earth (relaxation & meditation):

Enhances a deep sense of security and safety, connecting you to the grounding energy of Mother Earth. It resonates with the cosmic sound OM and facilitates being grounded and centered.

❤️ Mars (creativity, will power, masculine):

Enhances strength, willpower, creativity, and motivation for action. It brings out decision-making abilities, assertiveness, courage, and strengthens the sexual nature.

❤️ Venus (love, harmony, feminine):

Enhances the ability to feel and experience love and close relationships. It stimulates creativity, artistry, and the ability to receive and share. It increases our love of pleasure, harmony, and self-appreciation.

❤️ Jupiter (art & creation):

Enhances openness, trust, optimism, and good fortune. It brings out a jovial spirit of laughter and allows one to be receptive to grace and the adventures of life.

❤️ Neptune (intuition & dreams):

Enhances intuition, dreams, and enhances our connection to the realms of the subconscious and spiritual dimensions.

❤️ Mercury (communication & voice):

Enhances the ability to cooperate through understanding and sharpens communication skills through reason, writing, and speaking with confidence.

❤️ Saturn (concentration & awareness):

Enhances concentration, awareness, discipline, and helps to establish boundaries. It fosters a sense of responsibility and inner stability.

❤️ Uranus (spontaneity & openness):

Enhances spontaneity, openness, and the ability to embrace change and innovation. It stimulates a sense of individuality and freedom.

❤️ Pluto (group & interpersonal integration):

Enhances interpersonal integration and transformation within groups. It facilitates deep changes and helps to release what no longer serves us.

Each tuning fork in this set features long handles, providing ease and control in playing. They are neatly packed in a velvet bag for safekeeping and come with a mallet for striking.