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Perfect Pitch Rainbow Crystal Harp - 5th Octave - Pure Tones CDEFGABC - Mallets, Strikers, Case - Sound Vibration, Healing Frequencies

Sale price$899.00
Frequency: 440 Hz

Introducing the Perfect Pitch Crystal Harp - 5th Octave - a harmonious marvel designed to resonate with your soul's frequency. This Crystal Harp, tuned to the mesmerizing 432 Hz or 440 Hz frequency, isn't just an instrument; it's an invitation to explore the world of sound therapy. Whether you're a seasoned sound practitioner or an enthusiast seeking healing resonance, this Crystal Harp is your gateway to an immersive sonic experience.

You don't need to be a virtuoso to embrace the beauty of the Crystal Harp. It's pure, perfect pitch tones of CDEFGAB and a high C evoke an ethereal symphony that enchants both the player and the listener. Learning to play becomes a therapeutic journey, setting goals and exploring new realms of sound. The Crystal Harp's crystal tubes hold the power to transform your practice space into a haven of vibration and resonance, allowing you to connect with sound on a profound level.

Resting gracefully on an acrylic base, the Crystal Harp's tubes are thoughtfully spaced to ensure the unadulterated expression of each tone. Included is an acrylic stand, allowing you to play it flat on a table or in an upright position for immersive sound baths and demonstrations. Crystals, with their unique affinity for light and sound, infuse an extra layer of magic into the experience. Crafted from 99.99% pure quartz crystal material, this instrument is a testament to the harmonizing power of nature.

Your purchase includes:
- One Crystal Harp
- Two crystal strikers
- One mallet
- Acrylic stand
- Metal carry case

For optimal playing, lay the Crystal Harp flat on a table or secure it using its handle. The acrylic stand adds a touch of elegance to its display, making it an art piece that's as visually captivating as it is audibly entrancing.

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Elevate your sound therapy practice with the Perfect Pitch Crystal Harp - 5th Octave. Let its radiant tones resonate within, rejuvenating your spirit and amplifying your connection with the boundless universe of sound.