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Perfect Pitch Premium Solfeggio Gemstone 9pc Crystal Handle Bowl Set with 9 Chakra Color Coded Tuning Forks set Sound Healer's Dream

Sale price$1,900.00

Elevate Your Sound Healing Practice

Unlock the power of sound healing with our Perfect Pitch 9pc Chakra Color Solfeggio Pearls. These incredible tools are a must-have for sound practitioners, offering an exceptional blend of crystal handle bowls and precision-tuned chakra forks. Dive into the world of Solfeggio frequencies and harness their profound healing potential.

Crystal Handle Bowl Mastery

Our clear-style crystal handle bowl set is meticulously crafted for maximum vibrational power and control. As a sound practitioner, you can direct the bowl's vibrations intuitively, ensuring a truly personalized and premium experience for your clients. These bowls are of the highest quality, guaranteeing the finest sound therapy sessions.

Healing through Love

In the presence of love, profound healing occurs. These bowls are designed to help mend the soul, dissolve blockages, and promote unity in body and mind. Whether you practice Reiki, healing hands, or distance healing, the ability to hold and direct the singing bowl's vibration is a potent tool. Love is the driving force behind the sound practitioner's intention, the command to be whole.

Solfeggio Frequencies at Your Fingertips

Each crystal singing bowl in this set corresponds to a specific Solfeggio tone, making it ideal for practicing chanting and singing the seed sounds. Musicians and singers can also use these bowls to enhance their vocal range and refine their voice. Explore the rich world of Solfeggio frequencies and experience their transformative potential.

Shipping & Storage Considerations

Please note that handle bowls cannot be stacked for shipping. To ensure the safe delivery of your bowls, each will have its individual carry case. We'll do our best to condense the bowls and cases for shipping efficiency. Due to the delicate nature of this set, we custom-make each order and ship it via Express services, guaranteeing the highest quality and safe transit.

Quality Assurance

While we do not accept cancellations, we stand behind the quality of our products. If your bowls arrive damaged or defective, we'll promptly issue a replacement. Please reach out with any questions or concerns before completing your purchase; we want to ensure all your requirements are met.

Care Instructions

Cleaning your bowls is a breeze. Gently wipe them with a dry microfiber towel to preserve their delicate crystal and coloring. Avoid using harsh cleaning products that may scratch or damage the crystal's surface.

For Professional Sound Practitioners

If you're a sound practitioner or aspire to become one, this premium singing bowl set will elevate your practice to new heights. Offer your clients an unforgettable healing experience with the finest quality instruments.

Solfeggio Pearls Handle Bowl Frequencies

- UT 396 Hz - 5.75"
- RE 417 Hz - 5.75"
- MI 528 Hz - 4.5"
- FA 639 Hz - 6.5"
- SOL 741 Hz - 3.75"
- LA 852 Hz - 3.75"
- SKY (AH) 174 Hz - 8"
- LAND (OM) 285 Hz - 6.75"
- XI 963 Hz - 3.25"

Unlock Hidden Energies

Discover the hidden frequencies in this set, such as SKY (AH) 174 Hz and LAND (OM) 285 Hz, associated with sacred sounds AH and OM, respectively. These frequencies tap into profound, loving energies and grounding forces, enriching your sound healing practice.

The Power of Sound and Intention

The repetition of Solfege syllables generates powerful momentum within the body, revitalizing various aspects of your being with Chi energy. Encourage your clients to join in this harmonious journey by internally repeating the Solfege syllables, creating a potent alignment of healing energy and intention.

Symbolism of the Singing Bowl

The singing bowl serves as a powerful symbol of our inner sanctum, a place of delicate beauty and wisdom within us. It reflects the potential for wisdom and compassion amidst the frictions of life. Wield it with the right perspective and action, and it becomes a conduit for profound healing and transformation.

A Holistic Approach to Healing

Our Solfeggio Pearls set complements chakra balancing, meditation, energy healing, Reiki, and more. It's a versatile toolkit for holistic practitioners seeking to enhance their therapeutic offerings.

Premium Quality and Precision

Crafted from 99.99% Pure Quartz Crystal Material, our bowls offer unparalleled clarity and resonance. This set includes two suede strikers and two crystal strikers for comprehensive sound exploration. The accompanying 9pc Chakra Tuning Fork set, accurate within 0.25 Hz, enhances your sound healing capabilities.

Join the Sound Healing Revolution

Embrace the transformative power of sound healing with our Solfeggio Pearls set. Elevate your practice, empower your clients, and unlock the potential of these exceptional instruments.