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Perfect Pitch Moldavite Crystal Singing Bowl with Padded Secure Case, Mallet and O-ring - Sound Vibration Healing, Bio-field

Sale price$346.50


Introducing the Perfect Pitch Moldavite Crystal Singing Bowl, a remarkable fusion of sound healing and the transformative power of Moldavite gemstone. This exceptional crystal singing bowl is meticulously crafted to provide you with a profound healing experience, while its unique Moldavite gem fusion amplifies its energetic benefits.

The Moldavite gemstone is highly regarded for its intense and high-vibrational properties. When combined with the harmonizing vibrations of a crystal singing bowl, it creates a synergistic force that promotes deep healing and spiritual growth. This fusion brings forth a heightened sense of awareness, transformation, and connection to higher realms.

By working with the Perfect Pitch Moldavite Crystal Singing Bowl, you can experience a range of incredible benefits. The powerful vibrations produced by this bowl resonate with your chakras, promoting balance, alignment, and energetic clearing. The Moldavite infusion intensifies these effects, facilitating a deeper and more profound healing journey.

When played, this crystal singing bowl emits a perfect pitch sound, allowing you to attune to the desired frequency for your specific intention or meditation practice. The resonant tones wash over you, creating a sense of relaxation, peace, and heightened consciousness.

To ensure its safekeeping, this bowl comes with a padded secure case. Additionally, it includes a mallet and an O-ring, providing everything you need to begin your transformative sound healing sessions.

Embrace the unique power of the Perfect Pitch Moldavite Crystal Singing Bowl and elevate your spiritual journey. Allow the fusion of Moldavite gemstone and crystal sound vibrations to guide you towards personal growth, spiritual expansion, and energetic transformation. Whether you are an experienced practitioner or new to crystal singing bowls, this exceptional bowl is a must-have addition to your healing toolkit.

Unlock the extraordinary benefits of Moldavite gem fusion in Chakra crystal singing bowls. Experience the profound effects of this powerful combination and tap into your inner wisdom, healing potential, and spiritual evolution. Embrace the synergy of sound and crystal energy with the Perfect Pitch Moldavite Crystal Singing Bowl.

Please note that the color of the Moldavite in the Crystal Singing Bowl may vary slightly due to the making and fusion process. Each bowl is a unique creation, and no two bowls are exactly alike. The variations in color and patterns add to the individuality and beauty of your Moldavite Crystal Singing Bowl. Rest assured that the energetic properties and transformative benefits of Moldavite are present in every bowl, regardless of slight color differences. Embrace the uniqueness of your bowl and allow its distinct characteristics to enhance your healing journey.