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Perfect Pitch Hand-Designed 432Hz 8 Inch F Note Harmonious Heart Chakra Butterfly Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl with O ring and Striker

Sale price$129.00

Elevate your sound healing practice with our exquisite 8-inch F note Heart chakra Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl, thoughtfully adorned with a hand-designed butterfly motif. This unique and resonant instrument is designed to align your heart's energy center and bring healing vibrations into your life.

🦋 Butterfly Elegance: Each singing bowl is meticulously hand-decorated with a delicate butterfly pattern, symbolizing transformation, rebirth, and the beauty of the soul's journey. This artistic touch adds an extra layer of elegance and intention to your sound healing experience.

🎵 432Hz Harmony: Tuned to the healing frequency of 432Hz, this singing bowl produces pure and soothing tones that resonate with the heart chakra. The F note corresponds to the heart center, promoting love, compassion, and balance in your spiritual practice.

🔮 Quartz Crystal Clarity: Crafted from high-quality quartz crystal, known for its clarity and amplifying properties, this singing bowl ensures crystal-clear sound vibrations that envelop your being in a cocoon of healing energy.

🙏 Meditative Bliss: Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or new to sound healing, this singing bowl is a perfect companion for meditation, relaxation, and energy clearing. Its enchanting sound will guide you into a state of deep inner harmony and tranquility.

🌟 Complete Set: Your purchase includes not only the 8-inch singing bowl but also a suede-wrapped mallet for easy play and a cushioned ring to stabilize the bowl during use. Everything you need to start or enhance your sound healing journey is right here.

🪶 Handcrafted with Love: Our singing bowls are hand-designed and inspected with care to ensure each one is a unique and beautiful addition to your spiritual practice.

Invite the healing power of sound and the transformative energy of the butterfly into your life with our 8 Inch F Note Heart Chakra Butterfly Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl. Embrace the soothing vibrations and let your heart soar.