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Pair of 16" Yin 128Hz & 14" Yang 192Hz Trident Tuning Forks - Extended Resonance, Ancient Healing Frequency, Professional Sound Therapy Tool

Sale price$1,145.00

Rediscover the ancient art of sound healing with our Pair of Trident Tuning Forks, uniquely designed to harness the profound frequencies of Yin and Yang. The 16-inch Yin tuning fork resonates at 128Hz, while the 14-inch Yang tuning fork vibrates at 192Hz, creating a harmonious balance that taps into centuries-old healing practices. These extended resonance forks are not just tools but a gateway to the forgotten methods of our ancestors, now ready to be revived for modern wellness.

The Yin tuning fork, with its deep 128Hz frequency, is designed to connect you to grounding energies, promoting relaxation, stress relief, and deep inner peace. It aligns with the root chakra, helping to stabilize and balance your energy. The Yang tuning fork, at a higher 192Hz frequency, brings vibrant, uplifting energies that stimulate creativity, motivation, and clarity. It resonates with the solar plexus chakra, enhancing personal power and confidence. Together, these tuning forks offer a holistic approach to balancing your body, mind, and spirit.

What sets these tuning forks apart is their unique trident style. This rare design not only amplifies the sound but also creates a distinct aesthetic that symbolizes power and balance. The trident forks extend the resonance, allowing the healing frequencies to penetrate deeper into your being, providing a more profound therapeutic experience.

Each set includes a striker, ensuring you have everything you need to begin your journey into sound therapy. Ideal for both professional practitioners and those new to sound healing, these tuning forks are a testament to the enduring power of ancient wisdom. Embrace this opportunity to revive forgotten healing techniques and bring balance, harmony, and tranquility into your life.