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Melodic Mastery Tuning Fork Set Chromatic Scale of The Perfect Fifth

Sale price$295.00

Discover the power of cosmic healing with our Cosmic Therapeutic Set of 23 Unweighted Silver Sharp Chakra, Minor Chakra, Major, and Planetary Tuning Forks. This comprehensive set comes in three separate bags, each containing a selection of tuning forks specifically designed to target different aspects of your energy system.

With a total of 23 tuning forks, this set offers a wide range of frequencies to harmonize and balance your chakras, minor chakras, and major energy centers. The inclusion of planetary tuning forks adds another layer of cosmic energy, allowing you to connect with the celestial forces and their corresponding energies.

Crafted in a sleek and elegant silver color, these tuning forks are not only powerful healing tools but also aesthetically pleasing. The silver hue symbolizes purity, clarity, and spiritual illumination, enhancing the vibrational qualities of the tuning forks and creating a visually captivating experience.

The set includes three separate bags, each with a specific focus. One bag is dedicated to the chakras, another to the minor chakras, and the third to the major and planetary tuning forks. This organization makes it easy to access the specific tuning forks you need for your healing sessions or meditation practices.

Included with the set are strikes, allowing you to produce the resonant tones that activate the tuning forks. This ensures that you can use the tuning forks effectively and enjoy the full spectrum of their healing benefits.

Whether you are a healing practitioner, energy worker, or simply someone seeking to balance and align your energy system, this Cosmic Therapeutic Set of 23 Unweighted Silver Sharp Chakra, Minor Chakra, Major, and Planetary Tuning Forks is a valuable tool. Embark on a cosmic healing journey, restore harmony within, and connect with the divine forces that surround us.

Unlock the transformative potential of sound vibration, embrace the cosmic energies, and tap into the profound healing powers of this unique tuning fork set. Elevate your spiritual practice, deepen your connection to the cosmos, and embark on a journey of inner alignment and well-being.