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Hand Design 432Hz Perfect Pitch 12 Inch C Note Root Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl with Intricate Gold Patterns in Secure Case, Striker O-ring

Sale price$299.00
Style: White Bowl

Experience the grounding power of our Hand Design 432Hz Perfect Pitch 12 Inch C Note Root Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl, a masterpiece that combines superior craftsmanship with intricate artistry. This exceptional bowl is meticulously tuned to 432Hz, a frequency known for its soothing and healing properties, and resonates at the C Note, which aligns with the Root Chakra. What sets this singing bowl apart is its exquisite design, featuring intricate gold patterns representing all the chakras, meticulously marked around the bowl. These detailed embellishments not only enhance its visual appeal but also add a unique and rare quality to this already special piece.

The Root Chakra, located at the base of the spine, is the foundation of our energy system. It is associated with feelings of safety, security, and grounding. Balancing this chakra can provide a solid foundation for emotional and physical health, fostering a sense of stability and inner strength. Using this crystal singing bowl helps activate and harmonize the Root Chakra, promoting grounding and a deep connection to the Earth.

Included with this stunning bowl are essential accessories to enhance your sound healing practice. The padded secure case ensures that your bowl remains protected and safe during storage and transport, safeguarding it from bumps and impacts. The high-quality striker allows you to produce clear, resonant tones with ease, while the O-Ring provides stability, ensuring the bowl stays securely in place during use.

Crafted from premium-grade crystal, this singing bowl guarantees clear, pure tones that are both powerful and soothing. The combination of perfect pitch and intricate gold chakra designs makes this bowl not only a potent healing tool but also a beautiful piece of art that can elevate any space. Whether used for meditation, sound healing, or as a decorative piece, this unique singing bowl offers profound benefits and exceptional beauty.

Elevate your spiritual practice with the Hand Design 432Hz Perfect Pitch 12 Inch C Note Root Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl. This rare and exquisite bowl is a perfect addition to any sound healing collection, offering both aesthetic pleasure and profound healing benefits. Order yours today and embrace the harmonious blend of art and sound that nurtures your body, mind, and spirit.

Please Note : The Black bowl is only on a made to order basis and it will take a handling time of 5 extra days from delivery date