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Gold Finish 32Hz Weighted Otto Tuning Fork with Mallet and Bag

Sale price$69.99

This Tuning Fork is made in Aluminum metal and anodized with GOLD coating which serves as the combination of color and Sound Therapy

The Weighted Otto Tuning Forks are used for relaxation and for sending vibrations into the bones. The Otto Tuners are available in 3 different frequencies. This Tuner is tuned to the frequency of 32hz. It vibrates at a low pitch due to its weighted prongs. You may start your explorations with the 128hz and then graduate to this frequency. This fork is especially effective when placed on the sternum, vertebra and meridian points.

Used primarily for relaxation and grounding, the Otto Tuners resonate with the deeper tones of the Earth. The Otto Tuner is the note of C in the diatonic scale. These frequencies project sound into the physical body, especially in the bones. The effect is to replenish the tone of tissues and to align them well. Great for sore muscles and relaxation of bones.C-32Hz - works with skin and hair to stimulate nerves and hair.
Good for grounding.