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Gold Color Song of The Spine Tuning Fork 12 Set for Toning the Vertebrae with Velvet Bag and Striker

Sale price$267.75

Song of the Spine – Tuning Fork set. Set of 12 weighted forks with velvet pouch and Mallet

This is a set of 12 weighted Gold Color tuning forks for toning the vertebrae. Each fork is engraved with the appropriate vertebrae.
The tuning forks may be used with kinesiology testing to identify which bone to work on.
This tuning forks set is produced for the protocols developed by Dr June Leslie Wieder in her book: ‘Song of the Spine’.
Her research has reveal that each bone of the spine has its own tone and frequency, and that applying specific vibrational frequencies directly to the vertebrae generates a sympathetic response which activates the embedded harmonics that help maintain healthy functioning.

All the 12 Tuning forks are marked ( WITH FREQUENCIES) as follows :

C1 , T1   

C2 , T2   

C3 , T3   

C4, T4   

C5, T5   

C6, T6   

C7, T7   

T8, L1   

T9, L2   

T10, L3 

T11, L4   

T12, L5   

The frequencies are also marked on them.