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Gold Color Kabbalah Tree of Life Sephiroth 12 Set Unweighted Tuning Forks with Mallet and Velvet Bag

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Product Description

The Kabbalah Tree of Life Sephiroth Set from Luminanti contains one fork for each of the 10 sephirah of the Tree. In addition, there is one fork for the non-sephirah Da'ath, and one for the Lightning Flash, the manifestation of all life and light.
The Tree of Life can be looked at as a map of the experience of the soul and humanity. It shows us a picture of nothing becoming all, physical matter becoming everything and then nothing again.
These tuning forks are perfect for sound therapists and spiritual healers, working with the Kabbalistic tradition for healing inspiration.

This set consists of 12 forks

1. Keter 1092 Hz

2. Chokmah 430 Hz

3. Binah 187 Hz

4. Chesed 982 Hz

5. Gevurah 298 Hz

6. Tiferet 757 Hz

7. Netzach 644 Hz

8. Hod 870 Hz

9. Yesod 320 Hz

10. Malkhut 532 Hz

11. Da'at 1554 Hz

12. Genesis 531 Hz