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Gold Color Angel Crystal Tuning Forks - Gateway to Angelic Kingdom with Mallet and Velvet Pouch

Sale price$79.79
Style: Only Forks

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Color: Gold

The tuning forks come with a clear tone, accurate tuning, and longer sound, helping you to achieve peace of mind and deep relaxation.

The Angel Tuners open the door to the kingdom of angels and connect the energy of the universe.

Elimination of negative gas fields, suitable for use in offices, homes, hotels, and unfamiliar environments.

Professional tuning fork set that can clean crystal, start crystal, and enhance the healing power of Crystal.

Please note that the Color of the Pouch and Rubber balls may vary depending upon the availability

Package Includes:

1 x Tuning Fork 4096Hz

1 x Tuning Fork 4160Hz

1 x Tuning Fork 4225Hz

1 x Wooden Mallet