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Gem Fused Tea Topaz 8" Crystal Singing Bowl in High C Soul Purpose with Paddes Secured Case, Striker and O-ring

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Immerse yourself in the harmonious resonance of the Gem Fused Tea Topaz 8" Crystal Singing Bowl, meticulously crafted to resonate at the elusive High C Soul Purpose frequency. This exquisite bowl is a testament to rarity, as achieving such a precise lower octave frequency is a feat of craftsmanship and dedication. Its resonant properties are not just auditory but transformative, offering a profound meditative experience unlike any other.

At 8 inches in size, this bowl is a testament to both beauty and functionality. The Gem Fused Tea Topaz crystal composition enhances its clarity and amplifies its tonal purity, ensuring each note resonates with crystalline clarity and depth. Encased securely in padded protection, it arrives with a bespoke striker and O-ring, ready to produce its celestial tones upon your touch.

Whether you are a sound healer, meditation practitioner, or simply seeking to elevate your spiritual practice, this bowl beckons with its rarity and precision-crafted resonance. Its serene vibrations can harmonize your space, clear energy blockages, and facilitate deep relaxation and inner peace.

Embrace the extraordinary with the Gem Fused Tea Topaz 8" Crystal Singing Bowl — where craftsmanship meets spiritual resonance in a vessel as rare as it is powerful.