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Gamma Therapeutics 40Hz Weighted Tuning Fork with Mallet and Velvet Bag

Sale price$73.50

While researchers have always known about brain waves, they are just now learning about all the benefits of Gamma brain waves and their impact on the entire brain. They are present in both the waking process and in REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. The range oscillates between 40-70 hz. Gamma brain waves are believed to link and process information from all other parts of the brain. Those with learning disorders and neurological issues have shown to be lacking in this specific brainwave. On the other hand, those with a high level of Gamma brain wave activity have shown a propensity for intelligence, compassion, self-control and a general overall sense of happiness. 

Reported Benefits:

Greater memory retention

Greater perception of reality via using all 5 senses

Greater Awareness/Alertness/Focus

Greater Compassion

Greater Happiness

Increased brain processing speed (ability to process large amounts of information in shorter time period)

Creates Neural Pathways along with affirmations.