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Gabriel and Genesis Gold Color Tuning Fork with Gem Feet and Silver Shekinah fork with Silver Gem Feet

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Genesis Healing Tuning fork for DNA Repair This Fork is combined with Others to Cause Things to Happen or to Create Things. This Can be used in conjunction with the GABRIEL fork to repair damaged portions of DNA

It can also be used alone or with SHEKINAH fork to destroy Cancer Cells (Still under research) Will also move misaligned Joints & bones back into place. Will also help Rebuild Muscles & Tissues Physiologically the sacral chakra governs the sexual organs, urinary elimination and the reproductive system. The third eye chakra is located in the centre of the forehead. The third eye chakra governs the physical eyes and the pineal gland. Working on this chakra, one can gain insights on dreams, tap into psychic abilities and work with visualisations. With the help of these D & A tuning forks,we can understand deeply about these 2 chakras ,benefitting us in many ways. We begin to bring our sexual nature to a higher level of spiritual awareness.

Significance of using Gem Feet with Tuning forks :

The Gem Foot can be used for Trigger Point application along the meridians. They have a nice rounded shape which can be used on individual points or lightly moved in a general area. The broad shape foot is used to smooth over a larger area.

As the fork vibrates, it sends energy directly down through the foot enhancing the vibration with the overlay of the attached Gem Foot. Since many of the gemstones exhibit piezoelectric qualities, when the fork is activated it also activates micro-electric currents in the Gem Foot, which are sent to the body in addition to the sound.

Please Note : The Gem foot will be sent as per availability and not necessarily as pictured