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Elegant Gold Bar Single Row Music Chime Percussion with Mounting Stand - 36 Notes of Musical Bliss

Sale price$265.00

  • Handmade
  • Materials: Aluminum, Wood

Experience the enchanting world of music with our 36-tone wind chime, a musical instrument crafted to elevate your performances and add a touch of charm to your chorus. This exceptional wind chime is meticulously constructed using special metal aluminum material, ensuring that the sound it produces is nothing short of pure and crystal clear. Additionally, the wind chime boasts a stunning electroplating process that not only enhances its visual appeal but also provides excellent rust resistance, ensuring that it retains its beauty over time.

The heart of this wind chime lies in its finely processed aluminum bars, carefully crafted to guarantee precise pronunciation and a delightful auditory experience. Each aluminum bar is thoughtfully marked with corresponding phonetic symbols, simplifying practice and making it easier for musicians of all levels to create harmonious melodies. Whether you're a seasoned performer or just beginning your musical journey, this wind chime is designed to meet your needs.

To enhance both durability and aesthetics, we've reinforced the design of this wind chime with selected beech wood. This choice of wood not only improves the texture and hardness of the instrument but also adds to its overall visual appeal. The result is a wind chime that not only sounds beautiful but is also a pleasure to behold.

The metal bell bar incorporated in this wind chime is crafted from special metal to ensure that it remains rust-resistant, preserving the purity and clarity of its sound quality. This thoughtful design choice guarantees that your musical performances will always be accompanied by pristine, resonant tones.

For your convenience and stability during performances, we've equipped this wind chime with an adjustable stand. This stand is not only durable but also offers the flexibility to adjust the height according to your preference, ensuring that you can play comfortably. It can be easily locked in place, and the span is adjustable to provide a stable foundation for your musical endeavors.

Crafted with a combination of wood and metal aluminum, this 36-tone wind chime is a testament to the fusion of quality materials and precise craftsmanship. Whether you're a musician, a performer, or simply someone who appreciates the magic of music, this wind chime promises to deliver an exquisite auditory and visual experience.

Embrace the world of music, create harmonious melodies, and immerse yourself in the pure and clear tones of this exceptional wind chime. It's a blend of artistry and functionality, a musical instrument that will delight both the performer and the audience. Enjoy the journey of creating beautiful music with this exquisite 36-tone wind chime.

Material: Wood + Metal Aluminum