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Earth Star 68.05 Hz Tuning Fork With Pouch, Rubber ball and Rubber Activator

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Earth Star 68.05 Hz Tuning Fork With Pouch, Rubber ball and Rubber Activator

Earth Star 68.01 Hz, a very soothing frequency associated with many healing properties. The 68.05 Hz Earth Star tuning fork can help you to become more grounded and centered. The earth teaches us to take care of ourselves and to be compassionate towards all life. It also gives us strength and support. Connecting with the presence of the earth helps us to realize our ground of being, anchoring our consciousness in the present moment. This tuning fork pairs beautifully with many different types of Yoga, Qi Gong, and Meditation practices. It is recommended to practice outside in the grass and strike the tuning fork before and after each session.

From the perspective of the earth star, the journey starts with the root chakra. A physical being learning how to survive, growing through each chakra, until we reach the crown and realize ourselves as spiritual beings. From the Soul Star, we start from a place of understanding, and our message of love moves down through the chakras, until our original foundation is transformed and uplifted.

One of the best ways to connect with the Earth Star is through Qi Gong grounding movements. The flowing movements of the knees and hips open channels for vital energy or chi to flow from back and forth between our chakras and the Earth Star. Visualization is one of the most powerful tools for working with the chakras, as you practice the flowing movements visualize that you are magnetizing to the Earth Star chakra and imagine the feeling that you are becoming very heavy. As the feeling of heaviness increases, come to rest in a sitting or laying down position and feel yourself completely relaxed within the energy of the Earth Star. Earth is an anagram for Heart, feel yourself at home in the comforting support of the Earth's vibration. While in the space, meditate and observe how connecting with the vibration of the Earth Star changes the vibration of your thoughts and feelings. It can help to process your energy and provide guidance.

The extra weights on the tuning forks create a long lasting, gentle hum that passes through deep muscle tissue and bone. The high density of these tunings forks create powerful sound waves that massage and stimulate the ligaments and tendons around the bones, helping the body dissolve tension and release stress. Because the tuning forks can help the body achieve the deepest levels of relaxation, the OTTO tunings forks are highly effective at grounding and centering our energy. As you approach the deepest levels of physical relaxation, the brain enters into the alpha, theta, and delta brainwaves, allowing for greater levels of rest and rejuvenation.

When you listen to the Earth Star tuning fork, it vibrates at a very low frequency, sounding very much like OM and deep voice chanting. OM is said to resonate with the pulsation of the earth. You can hear and feel the sacred sound 'AH', the sound of the Anahata or Heart Chakra. It is very soothing sound that issues from the heart when we feel tremendous love and compassion. Inwardly chanting OM or AH while practicing deep relaxation can be profoundly healing and transformative. When using the OTTO tuning forks, it is helpful to imagine this healing compassionate energy vibrating from the tuning forks, bathing and permeating each cell of the body with love, which is the command to be whole.

Color of the Rubber ball may vary depends upon the availability