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Vibrational Harmony Collection: Crystal Singing Bowl Silicone Rubber Quartz Mallet Striker with Original Crystal for Enhanced Sound Healing

Sale price$55.00
Material: Selenite

Elevate your sound healing experience with our Crystal Singing Bowl Silicone Rubber Quartz Mallet Striker, featuring a variety of stones carefully selected to enhance your practice. Crafted for optimal resonance and clarity, each mallet is designed to complement the vibrations of your crystal singing bowl, creating a harmonious and transformative sound journey.

Choose from our selection of stone variations:

Selenite: Promotes clarity of mind and energy purification.
Red Agate: Enhances grounding and stability while energizing the root chakra.
Olivine: Brings balance and rejuvenation, connecting you with the energy of the Earth.
Rock Crystal Quartz: Amplifies intentions and promotes overall balance and harmony.
Red Jasper: Instills courage, strength, and vitality, while stabilizing emotions.
Lapis Lazuli: Facilitates spiritual enlightenment and inner peace, enhancing communication.
Obsidian: Offers protection from negative energies and aids in spiritual growth and transformation.
Citrine: Encourages prosperity, abundance, and creativity, while promoting joy and optimism.
Amazonite: Soothes emotional trauma, promotes harmony, and encourages self-expression.

Add a touch of magic to your sound healing toolkit with the Silicon Rubber Quartz Mallet Striker. Order yours today and experience the transformative effects for yourself.

- Mallet Length: 8 inches
- Mallet Diameter: 1 inch

Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or new to sound healing, our Crystal Singing Bowl Mallet Striker with various stone options is an essential tool for enhancing your meditation, relaxation, and energy work. Add depth and resonance to your sound healing practice with our premium quality mallets.

Note: Each mallet is unique, and the appearance of pink Tourmaline crystals may vary slightly from the product images due to its natural properties.