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Complete Set of 9 Self-Activating Solfeggio Tubes for Bio-field Therapy and Sound Vibration - Encased in die cast Metal Container

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Our Self-Activating Solfeggio Tubes are a unique and dynamic sound instrument that can be activated with a simple flick of the wrist. Unlike traditional instruments, these tubes allow you to activate two different frequencies simultaneously, providing a more complex and layered sound experience.

The Solfeggio tubes are crafted from a heat-treated, high-quality aluminum alloy that contains magnesium, making them stronger and more durable. The tubes are coated with a special process that ensures the vibrant colors won't chip off. This type of aluminum is highly valued for its light weight and excellent conductivity for vibration.

Similar to tuning forks, Solfeggio Tubes are struck to produce vibrations. However, unlike tuning forks, they produce an audible tone that can be heard from a considerable distance. The powerful vibrations of these tubes make it easy to generate live Solfeggio tones, making them ideal for use in large groups or yoga classes. The instrument offers the benefits of vibration to any group activity.

While the tubes are similar to Wah Wah tubes in terms of their sound, they are much larger in size with a greater reach. This makes them perfect for quickly applying vibration to specific areas of the body. The self-activating feature also adds an element of fun and excitement, allowing for a more dynamic approach to working with sound and vibration.

Despite their large size, the lower frequency tubes are surprisingly quiet at a distance. However, if you listen closely, you can hear the same soothing hum that is generated by a traditional tuning fork. This makes them ideal for use in meditation, sound healing therapy, or any other practice that involves the use of sound vibration.

Due to its lower frequency, the 174hz Tube can be activated with minimal force, resulting in a less audible tone compared to other frequencies. Its elongated stem and mallet allows for a gentle flick of the wrist, preventing it from bouncing when activated. Despite its low volume, the instrument remains effective and can be confirmed as working by holding it to the ear.

When sweeping through the aura or bio-field, the 174hz Tube effortlessly reaches any location. For clients laying on a table, activating a Solfeggio tube in each hand requires little effort. It's important to note that each hand contains powerful energy centers, commonly known as hub chakras, and subtle wrist movements serve as channels for the flow of vital energy or chi.

The use of the Solfeggio instrument is highly dynamic and can lead to spontaneous manifestations of sound and movement. To better connect with this flow of energy, it is recommended to perform grounding exercises such as Qi Gong. This practice can help establish a connection with both earthly and cosmic chi.

The term Solfeggio originates from the musical syllables UT RE MI FA SOL and LA, also known as Solfege. These syllables have been associated with numerous benefits for those who chant and sing them, and are found in various forms across different cultures. They are often linked with personal growth and serve as the seed sounds of the chakras.

The Solfeggio tubes in the 9-piece set are derived from mathematical frequencies and include the original 6 tones as well as 3 hidden or secret tones, which together form a complete set.

The lower octave Solfeggio tubes produce long-lasting waves that have a calming effect on the body and help to ground the mind, similar to deep meditation or chanting OM. The 174 Hz tube, in particular, emits a lovely, humming vibrato sound that is incredibly soothing and is often a favorite among users.

On the other hand, the higher octave tubes emit powerful, pure tones that can capture the attention of a group and serve as an audible command to initiate a group practice or reinforce an affirmation. In a group setting, the beauty of the instrument and how it is held in the hand can also serve as a visual cue to direct consciousness through different mental states.

In addition to the benefits associated with the Solfeggio frequencies, there are also many advantages to singing or chanting the contemporary Solfege syllables, which are known as DO RE MI FA SO LA and TI.

This instrument is highly versatile and can be easily incorporated into group activities due to its wide reach. When practicing specific positions or routines or using chakra tubes for individual requests, it can be used to introduce vibration into any activity by sweeping the auric field. Striking a particular tube can serve as an audio cue, helping to concentrate the mind on a specific chakra or body region and associating its vibration with the sound and activity.

The final moments of a yoga class or sound session, when reaching a state of deep relaxation, are ideal for using this instrument. The vibrations produced can be incredibly soothing and serve as an external confirmation of the internal attunement we experience through regular practice. You may wish to inquire beforehand about which chakra to focus on, or if leading a group, allow yourself to be guided by the collective energy.

Overall, our Self-Activating Solfeggio Tubes are a powerful tool for anyone looking to explore the healing power of sound. Whether you're a professional sound healer or just starting out on your journey, these tubes are sure to provide a unique and transformative experience.