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Chakra Tuning Forks Set of 7 Tuning Forks with Long Handles A Pouch and a Striker

Sale price$115.50

The Chakra Tuning Fork Set generates the planetary audio frequencies of the Chakras.
Each fork has the frequency and the name of the Chakra. It comes with a beautiful velvet pouch ( Color of the Bag may vary )
These tuning forks are a tool to help you get in touch with the subtle energy of your body's Chakra System.
We call them "Energetic Training Wheels" because they give you a physical sense just before you feel the energy shift, to allow you to understand what energy is, and how to sense it. These tools can enhance your awareness of Chakra energy, and help you notice the subtle energy flow.

List of included forks and frequencies :
7th - Crown ... 172.06 Hz
6th - Third Eye ... 221.23 Hz
5th - Throat ... 141.27 Hz
4th - Heart (Same as OM) ... 136.10 Hz
3rd - Solar Plexus ... 126.22 Hz
2nd - Sacral ... 210.42 Hz
1st - Root ... 194.18 Hz

Each Chakra or energy center has a measurable pattern of electromagnetic activity to which it is naturally "tuned" when it is flowing in balance, or aligned. By placing a vibrating tuning fork on a chakra, it initiates sound frequencies that stimulate the body to create the frequencies it needs to bring itself into alignment. It is similar to striking a musical tuning fork and finding nearby tuning forks vibrating in harmony. The electromagnetic field of the body is recharged and the flow of Chi energy is re-established. Precisely-tuned (to .01Hz) aluminum tuning forks include a Velvet carrying pouch and FREE Mallet