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Chakra Tuning Fork Set of 7 Gold Finish with Removable Color Rubber Balls with mallet and Velvet Bag

Sale price$153.99

8 different color rubber balls for better grip. Balls are removable.
This Tuning Fork is made in Aluminium metal and anodized with GOLD coating. Free Rubber Mallet .

The planetary cycle of the solar System is used to arrive at accurate formulae on which these tuning forks have been created. This links them to our cosmic multi-dimensional selves.

These forks are NOT based on a musical scale. They work more on the cosmic multi-dimensions of our chakras, our not noticeable bodies or subtle parts. They also work on pathways as well as other gateways of energy.

Our this self is eternal, very not noticeable and approachable through layers, ladders, gateways and manifold levels of energy. These Tuning forks prepare pathways to a Cosmic Universal understanding of Life and our Soul's infinite relationship to it.

CHAKRAS - THE ENERGY CENTRES we have to recognize that apart from the physical bodies, it's the feeling behind the events that affect our lives. Each "chakra" is a seat of emotions and feelings that is related to certain organs. The "root" or base chakra is associated with security and survival issues.

The "navel" chakra is associated with sexuality and sensations. The primary emotions related to the "solar plexus" chakra are power, ego and status.

The chakra associates with feelings of choice. The "heart" chakra is associated with compassion and unconditional love. Feeling of being unloved, unwanted, unworthy and alone affects the organs like the heart, lungs and the thymus gland. The "throat" chakra relates to our expression and our creativity.

The "brow" chakra is associated with intuition and trust issues. The "crown" chakra gets involved when we feel that life has no meaning. 

The diseases that we suffer are a call by the charkas to confront the feelings or issues that each of them deal with. Sometimes a person can fall sick to get attention and love. In healing through the charkas we have to realize that we are responsible for our problems and our cure is within. No healer has a miracle. Everybody knows his or her truth. The healer helps to get in touch with the body's wisdom by giving support to open up, to make aware of our feelings. The healer helps to see where the energy is blocked. It may be manifesting at another level than the obvious one.

1st Root/Muladhara - 194.18 Hz
2nd Sacral/Svadhisthana -210.42 Hz
3rd Solar Plexus/Manipura 126.22 Hz
4th Heart/Anahata - 136.10 Hz (also OM Fork)
5th Throat/Vishuddha - 141.27 Hz
6th Third Eye/Ajna - 221.23 Hz
7th Crown/Sahasrara - 172.06 Hz
8th Soul Purpose