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Aluminum Professional Grade Piano Tuning Fork Complete Set of 13

Sale price$220.00

Consists of 13 Aluminum forks in the temperament octave from C236 to C512 (see below).
Forks vary in length from 5-5/32" to 6-1/2" long, and come in an attractive Wooden case

Contains :
G# 406
F1 362
B 480
F 341.3
E 320
C1 271
D 288
D# 304.4
C 256
A 426.6
A# 456
G 384
C 512

The Aluminum Professional Grade Piano Tuning Fork Complete Set of 13 is a comprehensive collection of tuning forks specifically designed for piano tuning purposes. This set includes 13 different tuning forks, each representing a specific note within the musical scale.

Piano tuning forks are precision tools used by professional piano technicians to ensure accurate tuning of the instrument. The tuning forks in this set are made from high-quality aluminum, which allows for clear and consistent sound production.

By utilizing the Aluminum Professional Grade Piano Tuning Fork Complete Set of 13, piano tuners can achieve the following benefits:

Accurate tuning: Each tuning fork in the set represents a specific pitch or note, allowing piano technicians to precisely tune each string of the instrument. This ensures that the piano produces harmonious and accurate sounds.

Consistency: The high-quality aluminum construction of these tuning forks enables them to produce consistent and reliable tones. This consistency is crucial for achieving uniform tuning across the entire piano keyboard.

Professional-grade precision: As a professional-grade set, these tuning forks are meticulously crafted to meet the exacting standards of piano tuning. They are designed to provide precise frequencies and reliable performance, allowing technicians to achieve the desired tuning outcomes.

Comprehensive coverage: With a set of 13 tuning forks, this collection covers the entire range of notes found on a standard piano keyboard. This ensures that piano technicians have the necessary tools to tune every individual string accurately.

Time-saving efficiency: Having a complete set of tuning forks at their disposal allows piano tuners to work efficiently and effectively. They can easily access the appropriate tuning fork for each specific note, streamlining the tuning process and saving time.

Professional instrument maintenance: Properly tuning a piano is essential for maintaining the instrument's longevity and optimal performance. By using high-quality tuning forks, piano technicians can ensure that the piano strings are properly tensioned, reducing the risk of damage and ensuring the instrument's longevity.

It's important to note that piano tuning is a skilled practice that requires training and expertise. While the Aluminum Professional Grade Piano Tuning Fork Complete Set of 13 can be a valuable tool for professional piano technicians, it may not be suitable for individuals without proper training in piano tuning techniques.