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A Pair Schumann Tuned Pipes with Hand Stand to give 7.83 Hz Frequency of Earth Nature Lightning Comes with 2 Mallets LOUDER Than TUNING FORK

Sale price$75.00

The Schumann frequency is a very powerful frequency which helps us align with Earth. It is a natural frequency which helps us in grounding, relaxing, making us more attuned to nature & thereby increases our immunity level. It helps to nullify the harmful effects of technology, radiation, gadgets, pollution & a stressful life style. It is also called the Carrier frequency as it is achieved as a difference between 2 different frequencies.

The set has 2 Tuned Pipes, namely ; S1 which has a frequency of 528 Hz & S2 which has a frequency of 520.17 Hz. DIFFERENCE is 7.83 Hz which is the Schumann Frequency.
Technique : Both Pipes must be hung together on the Wooden Hand Stand and activated together. When heard simultaneously Schumann Frequency is created. The key is to work both Pipes together because when we do this, the brain absorbs the difference of the 2 frequencies & thus receives the Schumann frequency. This frequency though exists naturally on Earth, is fast depleting due to harmful radiation caused by technological advancements. This has led to deteriorated health, both physical & mental. It has been stated by NASA that a lack of this frequency can make us very unwell. Therefore, this pair of Tuned Pipes was discovered in order to give the human body good health, immunity & a well balanced natural environment.

Packing : 2 Piece Pipe with Rings on each side; 1 Wood Hand Stand to hang ; 2 Rubber Mallet. You can hang both Pipes on Wooden hand-stand with the help of Rings provided on sides of the Pipes. Use Rubber mallet to strike both pipes simultaneously to produce beautiful Schumann sound and frequency.