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9 Secret Solfeggio Weighted Tuning Forks Set with Individually Marked Bags and Striker with Removable Gem Feet

Sale price$160.00
Style: Only Forks w/sticker


Immerse yourself in the transformative power of sound with the 9 Secret Solfeggio Set. This exquisite set features nine weighted tuning forks, each carefully crafted to produce the resonant frequencies of the Solfeggio Tones. With individually marked bags and strikers, along with gemstone attenuators for enhanced sound vibration, this set is a comprehensive toolkit for your sound healing journey.

Discover the profound effects of the 6 ORIGINAL TONES:

UT 396 Hz: Release fear and guilt, inviting healing and liberation.
RE 417 Hz: Facilitate positive change, undoing situations, and promoting personal growth.
MI 528 Hz: Embrace the frequency of love and miracles, fostering harmony, balance, and overall well-being.
FA 639 Hz: Enhance communication, promote understanding, and harmonize relationships.
SOL 741 Hz: Awaken intuition, expand consciousness, and support spiritual development.
LA 852 Hz: Tune into the frequency associated with spiritual enlightenment and inner peace.
Additionally, experience the power of the ADDITIONAL 3 TONES:

SKY (AH) 174 Hz: Connect with the energy of the sky, fostering a sense of expansion, openness, and freedom.
LAND (OM) 285 Hz: Ground yourself in the frequencies of the earth, promoting stability, strength, and connection.
XI 963 Hz: Access higher states of consciousness, deepening spiritual awareness and facilitating inner transformation.
Crafted from a heat-treated, high-quality aluminum alloy with magnesium concentrations, these tuning forks are not only durable but also designed to produce rich, resonant tones that reverberate through your being.

To use these tuning forks for sound healing, simply strike the fork gently against the included striker and hold it close to or gently touch specific areas of the body. Allow the vibrations to permeate and harmonize your being, promoting relaxation, balance, and energetic alignment.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing with the 9 Secret Solfeggio Set. Elevate your sound healing practice and embrace the transformative power of these sacred frequencies.