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432Hz Perfect Pitch Chakra Color Crystal singing bowl set with Padded Secure Cases, Silk O-rings and mallets

Sale price$1,195.00
Size: 8-14 Inch

Welcome to our exquisite collection of 432Hz Perfect Pitch Chakra Color Crystal Singing Bowl Set! Immerse yourself in the harmonious frequencies and vibrant energies of these beautifully crafted instruments.

Each set includes a carefully selected assortment of crystal singing bowls, meticulously tuned to the sacred frequency of 432Hz. This specific pitch is known for its profound ability to resonate with the natural rhythms of the universe, creating a sense of balance, tranquility, and deep healing.

Benefits of Chakra Color Crystal Singing Bowl Set:

❤️ Chakra Alignment:

Each crystal singing bowl in the set corresponds to one of the seven main chakras of the body. By playing these bowls, you can help balance and align your chakras, promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

❤️ Deep Relaxation:

The soothing tones and vibrations produced by the crystal singing bowls induce a state of deep relaxation. They help calm the mind, reduce stress, and release tension, allowing for a more profound and rejuvenating experience.

❤️ Meditation Enhancement:

Incorporating crystal singing bowls into your meditation practice can enhance focus, concentration, and mindfulness. The harmonious sounds and vibrations guide you into a state of deep meditation, facilitating a connection with your inner self and higher consciousness.

❤️ Energy Healing:

Crystal singing bowls are widely used in sound therapy for energy healing purposes. The resonant frequencies emitted by the bowls help to clear energetic blockages, restore balance, and stimulate the body's natural healing mechanisms.

❤️ Spiritual Awakening:

The use of crystal singing bowls can support spiritual growth and awakening. The ethereal sounds and vibrations open doors to higher realms, expand consciousness, and facilitate spiritual experiences.

❤️ Aesthetically Pleasing:

The vibrant colors associated with each chakra, elegantly incorporated into the design of these crystal singing bowls, add a visual dimension to your healing and meditation space. They create a serene and harmonious ambiance that enhances the overall experience.

Embrace the transformative power of our Chakra Color Crystal Singing Bowl Set, and experience the numerous benefits it offers for your well-being, spirituality, and personal growth. With proper handling and care, these bowls will continue to be your trusted companions on your journey of self-discovery and inner harmony.