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432Hz Perfect Pitch 8-16 Inch Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl 7pc Set

Sale price$1,195.00

Immerse yourself in the transformative power of sound healing with our magnificent 8"-16" 432Hz Perfect Pitch Chakra Tuned Set of 7 Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls. This extraordinary ensemble is meticulously crafted to offer you a profound sonic experience and promote holistic well-being.

Each bowl in this set is expertly crafted from high-quality frosted quartz crystal, ensuring exceptional clarity and resonance. The bowls are precisely tuned to 432Hz, a frequency that is believed to resonate with the natural harmonics of the universe, creating a perfect pitch for sound healing and meditation.

Benefits Of This Set

❤️ Deep Relaxation:

The mesmerizing tones produced by these crystal singing bowls induce a deep state of relaxation. As you immerse yourself in the soothing vibrations, you can experience a sense of calmness, stress reduction, and overall relaxation of the mind and body.

❤️ Chakra Balancing:

Each bowl in this set is specifically tuned to correspond with a specific chakra, allowing for targeted healing and balancing of your body's energy centers. By working with these bowls, you can help restore balance and harmony to your chakras, promoting optimal energy flow throughout your system.

❤️ Meditation Enhancement:

These crystal singing bowls are ideal companions for meditation practice. The pure tones generated by the bowls create a serene and focused atmosphere, helping you enter a deeper meditative state. They can assist in clearing your mind, promoting mindfulness, and enhancing your overall meditation experience.

❤️ Stress Reduction and Healing:

Sound therapy with crystal singing bowls has been found to reduce stress, anxiety, and tension. The gentle vibrations emitted by the bowls can help release emotional and energetic blockages, promoting a sense of well-being and aiding in the healing process.

❤️ Energetic Alignment:

The harmonizing frequencies of the 432Hz tuning and the alignment with the chakras work together to promote energetic alignment within your body. This alignment can support the free flow of energy, enhancing vitality, balance, and overall wellness.

❤️ Self-Exploration and Transformation:

Working with these crystal singing bowls allows for deep introspection and self-exploration. They provide a powerful tool for personal growth, inner transformation, and spiritual development. As you engage with the bowls, you may experience profound insights, expanded consciousness, and a greater connection to your higher self.