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432Hz B Note Crown Chakra Purple Crystal Singing Bowl with Striker and O-ring

Sale price$95.00
Style: Only Bowl

Introducing the 432Hz 7 Inch B Note Chakra Purple Crystal Singing Bowl with Striker and O-ring – a truly exquisite masterpiece that combines the art of sound healing with breathtaking aesthetics.

Imagine yourself enveloped in a world of harmonic bliss as you immerse your senses in the mesmerizing tones of this unique crystal singing bowl.

B Note Chakra Resonance:
This remarkable singing bowl is precisely tuned to the B note, which aligns perfectly with the Crown Chakra (Sahasrara). The Crown Chakra represents enlightenment, spiritual awakening, and unity with the divine. When this bowl is played, it emits resonant vibrations that harmonize with the Crown Chakra, facilitating a sense of oneness, heightened consciousness, and spiritual growth.

432Hz Tuning:
The 432Hz tuning of this singing bowl is in sync with the natural frequencies of the universe. This harmonious frequency is believed to have a profound impact on the mind and body, inducing deep relaxation, reducing stress, and promoting overall well-being.

Premium Purple Crystal:
Crafted from the highest quality purple crystal, this singing bowl not only produces captivating tones but also radiates an air of elegance and mystique. Purple is often associated with royalty, spirituality, and transformation, making it a perfect choice for meditation and healing practices.

Complete Set:
Your purchase includes a finely crafted wooden striker and a durable rubber O-ring, ensuring that you have all the necessary tools to embark on your sound healing journey immediately. The striker allows you to effortlessly produce soothing tones, while the O-ring provides stability during your sessions.

Meticulous Handcraftsmanship:
Each singing bowl is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, exemplifying impeccable quality and unwavering attention to detail. You can feel the care and expertise that goes into creating every bowl.

Benefits of the B Note Chakra:
The B Note Chakra, intimately connected with the Crown Chakra, brings forth a multitude of benefits:

Spiritual Connection: Deepen your connection with your higher self, the universe, and the divine. Enhance your spiritual journey and open pathways to enlightenment.

Clarity of Mind: The harmonious vibrations of the B note can dispel mental fog, fostering mental clarity and heightened focus. This, in turn, aids meditation and contemplation.

Emotional Equilibrium: By resonating with the Crown Chakra, this singing bowl helps balance your emotions, reducing anxiety and nurturing inner peace.

Healing Properties: It is believed that the B note can facilitate physical and emotional healing by promoting overall vitality and well-being.

Transcendence: The B Note Chakra encourages a sense of transcendence, allowing you to rise above worldly concerns and connect with the higher dimensions of your being.

Whether you are a seasoned sound healer, an avid meditation practitioner, or simply seeking moments of serenity and self-discovery, the 432Hz 7 Inch B Note Chakra Purple Crystal Singing Bowl with Striker and O-ring is an enchanting and powerful instrument to elevate your practice and nourish your soul. Embrace the enchantment of sound and the resonance of the Crown Chakra as you embark on a journey toward inner peace and spiritual enlightenment.