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432Hz 6-12 Inch Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl 7 Set Moldavite Gem Fused with Silk O-rings, Secure Cases, Sound Healing, Vibrational, Harmonic

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Introducing our exquisite 432Hz Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl Set of 7, featuring a unique fusion of Moldavite Gem with Silk O-rings. This exceptional set comes complete with Padded Secure Cases and Mallets, making it the perfect companion for sound healing, meditation, and spiritual practices.

Moldavite gem fused crystal singing bowls offer a unique combination of the powerful Moldavite gemstone and the resonant properties of crystal singing bowls. Here are some benefits of Moldavite gem fused crystal singing bowls:

Transformation and Spiritual Growth: Moldavite is known as a stone of rapid transformation and spiritual awakening. Its energy is intense and can catalyze profound shifts in consciousness. When combined with crystal singing bowls, the Moldavite infusion amplifies the transformative effects of sound healing, helping to accelerate personal growth and spiritual evolution.

Enhanced Vibrational Healing: Moldavite carries a high vibrational frequency, and when fused with crystal singing bowls, it creates an extraordinary synergy of energy. This combination enhances the vibrational healing properties of the crystal bowls, allowing for deeper healing at the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Activation of Higher Chakras: Moldavite is associated with the activation of the higher chakras, particularly the Heart, Third Eye, and Crown chakras. The fusion of Moldavite with crystal singing bowls helps to stimulate and open these energy centers, allowing for expanded consciousness, heightened intuition, and connection with higher realms.