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432 Hz Perfect Pitch Tie dye Crystal Singing Bowl Set includes 2 Secured CASES, Cushions, O-Rings, 2 Mallets and 2 Suede Strikers

Sale price$899.00
Size: 7-12 Inch Set

Immerse yourself in the ethereal realm of harmonic resonance with our 432 Hz Perfect Pitch Crystal Tie Dye Singing Bowl Set. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this exquisite set transcends the ordinary, offering a journey of sonic exploration and serenity.

Each set comes complete with two secured cases, ensuring the safety and portability of your prized possessions. Whether you're traveling to a meditation retreat or simply moving between rooms, your singing bowls remain protected and ready for use.

Indulge in comfort as you embark on your sonic odyssey with the included cushions, meticulously designed to cradle each bowl in luxurious softness. The cushions not only enhance your playing experience but also provide stability, allowing for optimal resonance and harmonious vibrations.

Enhancing the versatility of this set, we provide O-rings for each bowl, ensuring precise tuning and resonance. With these O-rings, you can effortlessly fine-tune your bowls to resonate at the perfect frequency, aligning with your intention and creating a sacred space for mindfulness and meditation.

Unlock the full potential of your crystal singing bowls with our premium-grade mallets and suede strikers, designed to coax out the purest tones and vibrations. Whether you prefer the gentle caress of suede or the firm precision of a mallet, these tools empower you to create mesmerizing melodies that soothe the soul and elevate the spirit.

Available in two sizes, 7-12 inches and 8-14 inches, each set offers a range of notes spanning the musical alphabet from A to G. Additionally, individual bowls are available, allowing you to curate your own customized collection tailored to your unique preferences and musical aspirations.

In the 7-inch size, you'll find the enchanting notes of A and B, while the larger bowls offer a rich spectrum of tones including G, F, E, D, and C. Whether you're drawn to the higher frequencies of the smaller bowls or the deep, resonant tones of the larger ones, each bowl holds the potential to transport you to a state of profound peace and inner harmony.

Experience the transformative power of sound with our 432 Hz Perfect Pitch Crystal Tie Dye Singing Bowl Set. Elevate your meditation practice, enhance your yoga sessions, or simply bask in the sublime beauty of pure, crystalline sound. As you surrender to the enchanting melodies emanating from these luminous vessels, you'll discover a sanctuary of tranquility and renewal, awaiting you with each gentle vibration.