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26-Piece Unweighted Tuning Fork Healing Kit: Therapeutic Chakra, Harmonic, and Planetary Frequencies, Mallets, and Pouches Included

Sale price$270.00

The 11 precision tuning forks set of 11 is calibrated to the tones of the Sun, Moon, Earth, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto
Harmonic spectrum 8 pc set contains a full octave of tuning forks (C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C)
The 7 fork set, unlike the Harmonic Spectrum, which is tuned to the Pythagorean Scale

Welcome to our Etsy listing for "The Ultimate Healing Kit of 26 Unweighted Tuning Forks." This extraordinary kit offers a comprehensive collection of tuning forks specifically designed to support your healing journey. Immerse yourself in the transformative power of therapeutic chakra, harmonic, and planetary frequencies.

This kit includes 26 unweighted tuning forks, each meticulously crafted to resonate with different energy centers in the body known as chakras. By activating and aligning these chakras, you can restore balance and promote holistic well-being. Experience the harmonizing effects of these healing frequencies as they create a sense of tranquility and vitality within.

In addition to the therapeutic chakra tuning forks, this kit also features harmonic and planetary tuning forks. Harmonic frequencies offer a soothing and harmonious environment for relaxation and stress relief, while the planetary frequencies connect you to the cosmic energies that influence our lives. Embrace the power of these frequencies to align your personal energy with the universal flow and unlock your true potential.

To enhance your experience, we provide mallets and pouches with the kit. The mallets allow for easy activation of the tuning forks, and the pouches offer a safe and convenient storage solution, keeping your tuning forks organized and protected.

Whether you are a sound therapist, energy healer, or an individual seeking personal well-being, this Ultimate Healing Kit of 26 Unweighted Tuning Forks is a valuable asset to your practice. Explore the profound effects of these frequencies, integrate them into your daily routine, and witness the positive transformation in your life.

Invest in this comprehensive kit and embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and spiritual growth. Embrace the harmonizing benefits of therapeutic chakra, harmonic, and planetary frequencies, and unlock your inner potential through the power of sound.