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20mm Note C Root Adrenal Chakra Crystal Clear Tuning Fork with Striker With Padded Case

Sale price$199.00

Introducing the 20mm Note C Root Adrenal Chakra Crystal Clear Tuning Fork with Striker, a powerful tool for grounding, balancing, and activating the Root Chakra. Immerse yourself in the pure and resonant vibrations of this exquisite crystal tuning fork, designed specifically to harmonize and align the energy center associated with stability, strength, and the sense of being grounded.

Crafted with precision, the 20mm Note C Root Adrenal Chakra Crystal Clear Tuning Fork is made from high-quality, crystal-clear quartz. Known for its amplifying and clarifying properties, clear quartz enhances the effectiveness of this tuning fork, allowing it to emit clear and vibrant tones.

When struck gently with the included striker, the tuning fork produces a resonant sound that penetrates deep into the body and energy field. By placing the fork near the base of the spine or feet, you can experience the subtle yet profound effects of its healing vibrations on the Root Chakra.


❤️Root Chakra Activation:

The 20mm Note C Tuning Fork is specifically designed to activate and balance the Root Chakra, also known as the Adrenal Chakra. Working with this tuning fork helps to awaken and align this energy center, promoting stability, grounding, and a strong connection to the Earth.

❤️ Grounding and Stability:

The resonant vibrations produced by the tuning fork assist in grounding your energy and enhancing stability. It helps to anchor your being in the present moment, fostering a sense of security, solidity, and inner strength.

❤️ Energetic Blockage Release:

Regular use of this tuning fork can help release energetic blockages within the Root Chakra. It supports the free flow of energy, allowing for a balanced and harmonious state within the chakra and promoting overall well-being.

❤️ Physical Vitality:

The tuning fork's vibrations resonate deeply within the body, promoting enhanced physical energy and vitality. It can help revitalize the root area, promoting a sense of rejuvenation and increased physical stamina.

❤️ Sense of Groundedness:

Working with the 20mm Note C Tuning Fork helps to foster a profound sense of groundedness. It assists in establishing a strong connection to the Earth, helping you feel more present, centered, and in touch with your physical body.

❤️ Stress Reduction:

The resonant tones produced by the tuning fork promote relaxation and stress reduction. By grounding your energy and balancing the Root Chakra, it helps to release tension, anxiety, and feelings of restlessness, fostering a greater sense of calm and inner peace.

Enhanced Meditation and Focus: Incorporating this tuning fork into your meditation and mindfulness practices can deepen your experience. The grounding vibrations support a focused and centered state of mind, helping to quiet mental chatter and enhance concentration.

❤️ Portable and Convenient:

The compact size of the tuning fork makes it easy to carry with you wherever you go. Whether you are at home, in nature, or attending a healing session, you can access the benefits of grounding and balancing your Root Chakra whenever needed.