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18 Set Sacred 9 Solfeggio and 9 Chakra Bundle Gold Weighted Tuning Fork Set Tuned to .25 Hz for Sound Healing Meditation Yoga

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full set of 9 Solfeggio Tuning Forks for healing can have a profound effect on the state of the body and mind. 528 Hz is commonly referred to as the 'Love Frequency.' The precise frequencies of this set of tuning forks are derived using Pythagorean theory with 528 Hz aligned with the heart chakra, syllable FA of the Solfege.

The 9 set Chakra Tuning Fork Set includes 9 Gold Color weighted tuning forks that correspond to the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Crown Chakra, Soul Purpose and EARTH STAR

We believe there are powerful connections between 528 Hz and the Heart Chakra. All living beings in the universe share the same heart center, it is a universally present dimension and vibration of love. It is the core of our sense of self and we relate to other lifeforms from this perspective. When the duality of life finds balance, the ultimate realization is within the Heart Chakra. From this place, using intention, visualization, and practice, it is possible to multiply the love vibration through the infinite nature and processing power of the Heart Chakra, manifesting it to all beings as healing energy, guidance and protection, wisdom, compassion, and inspiration.

Solfeggio stems from the word Solfege, the musical syllables UT RE MI FA SOL and LA. The Solfege was associated with many healing benefits for those who chanted and sung them. Each culture has their own versions of these ancient syllables and they are often associated with profound healing and spiritual development. These syllables are the seed sounds of the Chakras.

For those who practice chanting and singing, to annunciate the seed sound requires correct posture, breath control, and coordinated movement from the entire body. Employing the diaphragm, pulling the shoulders back, and tucking the chin, allows the correct annunciation of the seed sound or musical syllable to be found.

The dynamic activity of chanting and singing is one the best examples of sound healing. It creates a movement of vital energy that travels up and down through muscle groups, the nervous system, the organs and cells, and the chakras associated with the major regions of the body. It is an activity done with love and often as a form of affirmation and prayer.

The power of FA, the heart chakra seed sound - If you've ever listened to a musical performance and were profoundly moved, then you felt the power of the seed sound FA. This energy is accessed when the diaphragm is contracted and the breath is directed up through relaxed vocal cords. The singer closes their eyes and the strength of the solar plexus chakra travels into the heart chakra and then is communicated outward as a passionate release of healing sound. The relaxed vocal cords represent calm and control as the strength gathered in the solar plexus passes through the processing power of the heart chakra. The FA seed sound teaches us how to turn strength into love, how to be fully in the moment, and how to share this message as healing sound. It is the message of love from the divine heard, received, and shared. This is the power of the Solfege.

The mathematically derived frequencies commonly known as the Solfeggio Tones, are available in this 9pc set of Solfeggio Tuning Forks. The original 6 tones and the 3 hidden or secret tones are brought together to form a complete set. The frequencies of this set have been calibrated so that 528 Hz is aligned with FA, the seed sound of the heart chakra.

Healing Benefits Associated With The Solfeggio Tones - 6 ORIGINAL TONES:

396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear, turning grief into joy.
417 Hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change.
528 Hz – Transformation and DNA Repair.
639 Hz - Connecting/Relationships.
741 Hz - expressions and solutions/solving problems.
852 Hz - returning to spiritual order, awakening intuition.


174 Hz - relieves both physical and energetic pain, great for removing toxins and EM radiation from the body's cells.
285 Hz - rejuvenates our mind, body, and energy levels, stimulates the third eye and dissolves energetic blockages, improves our well-being and overall health.
963 Hz - Linked to the pineal gland and helps to heal the central nervous system, fosters awakening, oneness and connection, helps one return to its natural state.

Each tuning fork is color coded and weighted, and includes its own striker and bag.
Classic 8pc Chakra Tuning Fork Set

Simply through intention, visualization, and rhythmic breathing, we can connect with any area of our body and establish a healthy connection. This is a natural, intuitive, and gentle form of self healing that we are empowered to use at any time because we are using the healing potential of our mind. This type of natural healing perspective can enhance the effectiveness of Yoga positions, stretching, or sound healing instruments.

Each major region of the body contains thick bundles of nerves that correlate with the chakra system. When the nerve plexuses are healthy, the impulse of the life force is conveyed to each region. Yoga, Qi Gong, stretching, and chiropractic care are often very effective forms of healing because they restore healthy nerve function, allowing all of our cells and organs to receive a healthy flow of vital energy.

A holistic approach to healing is very gentle, and often very effective because we are stimulating every region of our body and are giving ourselves the opportunity to heal in every possible way.

Tuning fork sets are an amazing opportunity to receive the benefits of sound healing, and when used in combination with Yoga, Qi Gong, and meditation, becomes a very powerful practice that can be healing for yourself and others, and also provide the opportunity for personal growth and transformation.

Sitting in the position of meditation while using the tuning forks provides a powerful opportunity to heal yourself and others, as the healing energy can be directed inward and outward, filtered by our intention, visualization, and the guidance of the heart chakra. This is an invaluable resource for Reiki practitioners and distance healers.

This specially formulated set can be used for chakra balancing, meditation, energy healing, clearing stagnant energy, reiki, etc.

9th - Earth Star 8th -Soul Purpose-272.20...7th - Crown … 172.06 Hz, 6th - Third Eye … 221.23 Hz, 5th - Throat … 141.27 Hz, 4th - Heart (Same as OM) … 136.10 Hz, 3rd - Solar Plexus … 126.22 Hz, 2nd - Sacral … 210.42 Hz, 1st - Root … 194.18 Hz

Each frequency in this set is associated with a different chakra, and each tuning fork can be used to heal or stimulate a specific energy center. This specially formulated set can be used for chakra balancing, meditation, energy healing, clearing stagnant energy, reiki, etc.

The tuning forks of this set are accurate within .25 of a single Hz and are made of heat treated, high quality aluminum alloy that has concentrations of magnesium, giving them added strength and longevity. This type of aluminum is highly valued because of its very light weight and conduciveness for vibration and will ensure that your tuning forks remain accurate for years.

The total set comes with 9 Solfeggio Tuning Forks, 9 Chakra Tuning Forks,1 Red Rubber Activator,4 mallets and Red Velvet Pouch